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Irish exam. The Experience of Irish Immigration to the United States (Essay Sample)


I have posted all the references you may need for the essay and short answers. Please use them and cite them. Thanks!
The exam will consist of two parts: an objective section of identification and short-answer questions (40 pts); and one essay question (60 points). The completed exam will be due by 9:00 p.m., Sunday, February 16, 2020.
You must properly cite your sources in ALL SECTIONS of the exam--essay, identifications, and short-answers. Citations are required not only for direct quotations, but also for summaries/paraphrases!!!
Part I: Essay Question
Instructions: The essay must be word-processed, double-spaced, no less than 600 words and no more than 750 words (points will be deducted for essays shorter or longer than the requirement). Provide the word count for your essay. Remember to cite all sources in whatever format your are comfortable with—MLA, APA, Chicago—(not only for direct quotations, but for all information that is not “common knowledge.” In other words, show me where you got the information you are putting in your essay.
The essay question is worth 60 points. In your essay, you must use specific examples from at least three readings on the course syllabus readings (through paraphrasing, quotes, etc.) You must also incorporate examples from documentaries and other media in your essay. Remember, your goal here is to demonstrate that you have kept up with and understood the course materials; as such, frequent, specific, and thoughtful references to the course materials will benefit your grade.
Essay question:
Over time, the experience of Irish immigration to the United States changed in several respects, yet some aspects of this experience remained the same. In your essay, compare and contrast the experiences of two different generations of Irish immigrants to the U.S. You may want to consider the reasons for immigration, the immigration process itself, challenges and opportunities awaiting immigrants in the U.S., and the reception of these immigrants by native-born American citizens.
Part II: Short-Answer and Identification Questions
To answer the Identification and Short-Answer Questions, you may refer to the Discussion Board responses, the articles we have read for class, and the media we have viewed. However, you may NOT work collaboratively with anyone else on this assignment. Since space is at a premium, your answers will need to be clear and thorough, yet concise.
Instructions: Choose FOUR of the following terms. In your own words, briefly define each term, and explain its significance within the context of our class—including naming the reading(s) or film(s) in which it appeared. You should discuss how we encountered each term (naming and citing specific readings or films). Your answers should each be a full paragraph (approximately four to five sentences in length). (5 points each)
-Ellis Island
-Home Rule
-George Berkely
-1965 immigration law
-Easter Rising
-Senator Porter
-Charles Carroll of Carrolton
-Al Smith
Instructions: Answer FOUR of the following short-answer questions. Each response should be a full paragraph--approximately four to five sentences in length and show your mastery of the material covered in class (i.e., you should make specific—and cited--references to course readings and media to support your answers). (5 points each)
1. Briefly explain how the Potato Famine affected Irish immigration to the United States.
2. How accurately do St. Patrick’s Day celebrations in the U.S. represent Irish culture?
3. Briefly explain Andrew Jackson’s relationship to Irish-Americans during his presidency.
4. Explain one similarity and one difference between Irish immigration to America and Italian immigration to America.
5. Briefly explain how U.S. immigration trends have changed as a result of the 1965 immigration law changes.
6. How did Irish-Americans achieve success in the United States during the 20th century?


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The Experience of Irish Immigration to the United States
Part 1
The United States is one of the most diverse nations in the world. It boasts of the most significant number of races living in unity in one nation. Immigrants from other countries have considered the United States a safe haven and a country of opportunities and where each individual has the freedom to do what they please to improve their lives. The first immigrants to settle in America landed there 20,000 years ago and became the American natives and ancestors before the Europeans began crossing the Atlantic into America. Among the European countries that have had rich histories of immigrating to the United States, the Irish Stand out as one of the countries whose citizens have struggled to relocate to the United States due to different reasons. It is, therefore, imperative to assess the diverse experience of the Irish immigrants to the United States for immigrants from two different generations; The 19th century and the 21st century.

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