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Indentured Servant (Essay Sample)

Place yourself in the colonies in the years 1765-1775. Consider the changes you are experiencing in your life due to passage of legislation by both the British Parliament and the Colonial Assemblies. Describe and share whether you are pleased with the changes and feel they will lead to a better life for you and your family (if you have one), or whether you are dissatisfied. Students whose last names begin with letters S-Z will take the position of an indentured servant, or a slave. Post your response, then read and respond to the posts of your classmates' who have taken a different role and position than yours. source..
Generally it was during the period between 1765 and 1775 that British Parliament and the Colonial Assemblies started exercising power over the colonies and this impacted negatively to my life and other indentured servants in general as it threatened our economic futures. The enactment of the legislations prompted me and other indentured servants to resort to nonviolent resistance that consequently led to escalation of war in the colonies. Nonetheless, the war which was accompanied by nonviolent negotiations relatively increased democratic gains as the indentured servants tried to organize themselves in resisting British military.
The legislative changes initiated by the British Parliament and Colonial Assemblies actually did not make life better for people like me, in fact it worsen my state of living as it made life hard for me. The Stamp Act and other acts such as the currency, sugar and quartering introduced by the British Parliament and Colonial Assemblies in order to access revenue to offse...
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