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Immigrants in the United States between 1870 and 1920 (Essay Sample)


Twenty-six million immigrants arrived in the United states between 1870 and 1920. Why did they choose to uproot themselves and resettle in the United States? Were their dreams met? (include social Darwinism and the boss system) How did the native-born Americans respond to the flood of newcomers?

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Immigrants in the U.S.A between 1870 and 1920
A new wave of immigrants sojourned to the United States between 1870 and 1920. This period was marked with massive cultural, social and political dynamics in America. The immigrants were typically English speakers, literate Jews Protestants with the exception of some few Irish Catholics majorly from Briton Germany and Scandinavian countries. The facts that they were English speakers meant that they would blend in to the American society easily. However, that was not the case to some groups. The immigrants choose America for different reasons such as, religious liberty, freedom and to escape from the ugly jaws of poverty and oppression back at home. They wanted to secure better lives for their children and generation.
The United States of America was a perfect destination for them because of the of the "American dream" notion that was popular in that period. They hoped and dreamt of the Promised Land. Most Immigrants wanted to feel the experience of the American dream first hand. The Jews were running away from the cruelty of Hitler in German.
Since time in memorial, the U.S has been opening its doors to welcome these people seeking religious and political freedom as well as adventure. To them, America was a land of unlimited resources and fortunes. Many settles especially from Asia and Europe wanted to experience such fortunes. Conversely, immigrants from the Caribbean countries and Africa were brought forcefully to work in forced labor in plantations and indursies. They helped to build a new nation.
The Native Americans were warm and welcoming. They received the immigrants hospitably and allowed them to settle among them without quarrel. However, some immigrants did not appreciate the native’s warm welcome. Instead, they attacked, isolated and even executed the natives. They did not fight back; they just did what was necessary to defend themselves.
The influx of immigrants and their prosperity on the American soils can be explained by such theories such as the social Darwinism and the boss system. Social Darwinism is an evolutionally theory that emerged in the 1870’s in North America, western Europe and the U.K. It advocated the application of the ideology of natural selection and survival of the fittest concept in political and social circles. The theory basically postulates that the strong will triumph over the weak. The strong will accumulate more and more power and wealth while the weak loss wealth and power. This theory strongly relates to the case in the U.S in the late 19th and early 20t...
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