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History Topics (Essay Sample)


Please answer these questions individually and include references for each one.
Question 1) How would you evaluate Lincoln's leadership during the first part of the war, including his issuing of the Emancipation Proclamation?
Question 2) What challenges to the enlistment, recruitment, training, and fighting emerged during the war?

Book Review
President Abraham Lincoln as the 16th American president, and a member of the Republican Party was endowed with brilliant leadership skills that saw the survival of the Union by shaping the swiftness of the Second American Revolution and ensured its success. McPherson James the author of Abraham Lincoln and the Second Revolution recognizes President Lincoln as a brilliant war leader, strategist, a revolutionary and conservative individual who became so popular during the period of the war because of his leadership skills and strategy. President Lincoln as the commander- in -chief of the Armed forces forged a union based military strategy to secure victory (McPherson 15).
Several outstanding set of laws were passed in 1860 by the Republican Congress which rivalled the first 100 days of the New Deal agreement. The major role that Lincoln played was the transformation of the Civil War that eventually crippled the Southern political and social order by liberation of 4 million slaves or the Emancipation Proclamation
(Ricki 215).
Notwithstanding, many challenges were encountered to the enlistment, recruitment, training, and fighting that emerged during the war. First, at the onset of the Civil War, free African Americans rushed to volunteer for service with the Union forces but were initially rejected on the basis of a 179...
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