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History of modern architecture and interior. Analysis (Essay Sample)


Select two projects (building or complex) to prepare as a case study:
1. Concisely and synthetically describe the projects—in formal, infrastructural, contextual, technical,
technological, structural, material terms, etc., as appropriate.
2. Analyze the projects—discuss its significance both to the discipline and to your interests.
Consideration should be given to conceptual, theoretical, social, political, or cultural contexts. But
foremost your analysis should discuss in what ways the project is productive to your work—what are
the key ideas, techniques, forms, and so on you will take note of and mobilize in your work, and
why—and in what ways might it hold limitations for you.
3. Compare and contrast the projects—are they from the same period or movement, or from
different moments? What is their relationship: peer projects (related ideas, positions, and/or
aesthetics), genealogical projects (one derives from the other), or competing projects (from differing,
and/or antagonistic positions)? What is their relationship for you: why have you chosen these two
projects, and how do they connect or contrast productively for you?
4. Develop a strategy for visual material. Pay attention to how the description is to become more than
simple documentation—images and information are not to be simply illustrations to a description,
but must be subjected to a process of analysis and retooling that develops a visual argument: their
deployment must be designed. Use format to help you construct your argument—use it to structure
and clarify your claims.
5. Give yourselves time to rework and edit the piece—this will be important. Remember, you are not
simply describing the project, but discussing it: your aim is to produce an argument.
6. All sources used in the preparation of the assignment must be fully and accurately acknowledged in a
bibliography and image credit list, and in footnotes where applicable (for all quotations,
paraphrasing, references to key points in texts, or general references to texts).
7. Find the buildings or projects in the period of 1900-2018 only. Do not use the buildings that are too old.
8. Use at least 4 sources, CITE THEM!


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History of Modern Architecture
Project Descriptions
Commercial buildings and skyscrapers built in the 19th and 20th century were designed uniquely to attract more and more visitors from across the globe. Burj Khalifa and Beijing Olympic Stadium are two perfect examples of that. They have been impressively designed, marvelously constructed, and are among the most popular buildings in the world. Beijing Olympic Stadium is located in Chao Yang, China, and Burj Khalifa is situated in Dubai, UAE.

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