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History - 2 World Civilization, The French And American Revolutions (Essay Sample)


Please write two separate essays, each one and a half pages long.
Class: History 102
Essay #1: Compare and contrast the French & American Revolutions. Be sure to focus on connections to the enlightenment, civil leaders, and effects on each nation's society as a whole.
Essay #2: Evaluate Napoleon Bonaparte's role as head of the French government. Be sure to focus on carrying out the ideals of the Enlightenment, military decisions, and overall leadership & legacy.


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History - 2 World Civilization Essays
Compare and contrast the French and American Revolutions. Be sure to focus on connections to the enlightenment, civil leaders, and effects on each nation's society as a whole.
The French and American revolutions had major similarities and differences. Both revolutions not only happened almost the same time but were also motivated by the same factors. The citizens or the public were tired and thought it best to free themselves and attain self-independence. Change was imminent, and the people were tired of the powers in place. Several factors influenced the revolutions and even motivated the public to rally their forces against the governments. While the goals were almost the same, one cannot ignore the fact that there were some similarities in both revolutions. This piece will, therefore, seek to examine the similarities and differences of both revolutions while focusing on connections to enlightenment ideas, effects of the revolution on each society, and the civil leaders.
One major similarity between the revolutions is the fact that both were inspired by Enlightenment ideas. While it happened differently, enlightenment played a key role in instigating the revolutions. Some of the enlightenment ideas in the American context include reason, natural rights, and revolution. According to John Locke, every person has rights which they are well obligated to fight or claim especially if the society or government fails to grant them. Locke also argued that it is within the rights of the public to revolt against the government if their rights are infringed. In the French context, the enlightenment philosophers had problems accepting the universally accepted Catholic doctrine and beliefs. Their push for change led to the transformation of France and adoption of the republic concept instead of the monarchy.
One major difference between the two revolutions was that the French Revolution w

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