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Historical argument. Important Markers of Civilizational Development (Essay Sample)


Task: Choose one of the following options and answer it with a formal essay of about three (no
more than four) double-spaced pages. Be sure that your essay has a thesis statement and
effective topic sentences starting each body paragraph – you should think of these as sub theses.
You must use examples to support your ideas
Option 2: Using one of the primary source readings from week 2 (Robert Marks is not a primary
source) and one of the primary source readings from week 3, what does each author see as the
most important markers (indicators) of civilizational development? How do their markers differ,
and what does that tell you about their own perspectives? Be sure to answer all parts of the
question and create an overall argument comparing your findings for both sources
Citing: You must refer directly to the readings, use page numbers for ALL evidence and
quotations, provide a reference list (if using parenthetical referencing) or footnotes.


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Important Markers of Civilizational Development
The development of a civilization depends on the different perspective about the reasons for expansion of territories where it will influence the choice of civilization development marker that a territory would need. The two authors portrayed different perspectives about the expansion of territories. Cansas portrayed Spain's reason for expansion is to increase influence by promoting the solidarity of the current conventions of their traditions to unify other people and punishing whoever moves away from those conventions; while, Africanus portrayed the African kingdom's reason for expansion is to increase influence by promoting interdependent work and specifying social roles based on the difference among its people. These perspectives will show the different development marker the civilization would need. Spain’s marker, described by Cansas, includes: Religion (3-5, 32), Central Government (32, 42), Military Strength (4-6, 32-33, 35), and Social Class (5-6, 40- 42). On the other hand, the African Kingdom’s marker, described by Africanus, includes: Form of Government (821- 825, 829), Trade and Industry (822-823) and Military Strength (821).These markers are keys to the further development of a civilization; however, since these markers are based on perspective, different civilization may have a different effect even if the same marker is applied.

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