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HIST 2111 History Essay Research Coursework Term Paper (Essay Sample)


This book chapter 5-8
1. Why did slavery become the dominant form of agricultural labor in the eighteenth century South?
2. Why did the Boston Port Act of 1774 so enflame anti-Parliamentary feeling throughout the colonies?
3. What was the most important reason that Great Britain lost the War for American Independence?
4. In what one major way was the federal Constitution different from the Articles of Confederation?
Read these instructions carefully and follow them. Answer all four questions in fully developed paragraphs entirely in your own words. The only exceptions, obviously, are proper names of people, places, and events. Give evidence to support each of your arguments. No more than 500 words per answer. All test answers must be word processed and double spaced. Grades will be based on the coherence (clarity and organization), the persuasiveness (relevance and supporting evidence), and the grammatical correctness of your answers. (Hint: don’t submit the first draft! Go over the essay as if you were grading it. Revise as needed. Then send it.)


1 Why did slavery become the dominant form of agricultural labor in the eighteenth-century South?
Slavery was the foundation of the British Empire in eighteenth-century and every colony relied on slaves who provided free labor in the large plantations. It is critical to comprehend that slavery was regarded as more than a labor system and had influences on colonial thought and culture. Some of the various factors that increased the demand of slavery included the expansion of the sugar plantations in West Indies which made the planters to force African slaves to plant, cultivate and harvest the sugarcane. Thousands of Africans were forcefully made to work in these plantations. The increase of the black population also facilitated slave trade as planters saw the benefits of relying on slave labor rather than servants. This forced planters to buy the readily available salves who provided cheap labor in the plantations. The policies develop in some parts such as South Carolina also supported the development of slavery. The fundamental constitutions of Carolina provided the settlers with property ownership and land aristocracy that supported laborers and slaves. This made some settlers to move with their slaves who built and worked in the rice plantations

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