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French Revolution: Pivotal Event Changed Modern Society Fundamentally (Essay Sample)


Some scholars point to the French Revolution as a pivotal event that changed modern society fundamentally, while others emphasize the continuity in wealth and power between the “ancien régime” and the 19th c. world of nation-states. Make an argument for each side of this debate, using evidence drawn from the 1500s through the mid-1800s.

Name Instructor Course Date French Revolution and Ancien Régime The 1789 French Revolution was a pivotal event where the industrial and commercial classes were no longer subordinate and there was a rise in the nation-states and the revolution paved way for the emergence of liberal democracy. Similarly, there was a change in the status quo across Europe as the aristocracy was weakened and replaced with elements of democracy. The old regime in France was dismantled and this transformed the Western society. Even people in the Caribbean, Americas and Europe forged their revolutionary traditions. For instance, Haiti, revolted against French colonialism and seeking emancipation while also inspiring uprisings against colonialism in Africa and Asia. The changes were mostly felt in the 19th century as the revolution was associated with furthering rights that were codified through law and emphasis on nationalism to unite people. In the ancien régime, before the French revolution, power was concentrated among the aristocrats who enjoyed, power, wealth and privilege and the society was divided into the nobility,  other nobility with high ranking public offices in the kingdom and the third class were the ordinary people who were neither the clergy nor the nobility. The consolidation of wealth depended on the national economy and under the ancien régime French leaders had power and wealth. The agricultural elite influenced the economy as agriculture was the biggest economic sector and even up to the 19th century those who had accumulated wealth were more likely to be leaders. ...
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