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Final Exam HIS11: United States to 1877 (Essay Sample)


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International Summer Session
HIS11: United States to 1877
Term: 2017 Summer
Final-term Exam
Final Exam HIS11: United States to 1877
1 State briefly the first English settlements and the growth of them. (20 points)
The English men had not yet established a permanent settlement in America during the start of the seventeenth century. However, they overtook their rivals over the next century. Besides, the English encouraged migration more than French, Dutch, and Spanish. England had encountered a dramatic increase in population during the sixteenth century because colonies were considered as settlement places for persons experiencing poverty and overcrowding back in their homes. As a result, English migrants arrived in Chesapeake Bay colonies to work in tobacco fields.
The English migrants had different objectives in settling in various colonies. They established Maryland and Virginia to have a commercial orientation. Although the Virginians were anticipated in finding gold, they later realized that growing tobacco was an ideal commercial activity. The young and unmarried English settlers expected to improve their quality of life through growing and selling tobacco. Besides, a group of English people flocked in the rocky soil and cold climate of New England for religious motives. While the English people in Maryland and Virginia worked to expand the profitability of the tobacco fields, the English built a town to facilitate the expansion of the church.
New England was the second largest area to be colonized by the English. The area differed on its basis of founding principles from the Chesapeake tobacco colonies that were commercially oriented. Puritan families were the main settlers in New England during the 1630s. Most of the New England leaders were learned ministers, who had studied in either Oxford or Cambridge. Accordingly, the English came late to the colonization of the Americans and established stable settlements during the 1600s.
2 State the wars for North America, 1689-1763. (20 points)
The colonists fought different types of wars with the Natives of America during the seventeenth century. Conversely, colonial wars during the eighteenth century began in Europe and replaced the English colonies with Spanish and French empires in North America. The empires posed numerous issues for the English colonists. For that reason, Spanish Florida offered refuge to the slaves from Southeastern colonies. The French built trading agreements with people from North America, thus forming an interior arch of settlements. The trading empire of France hindered the expansion of English settlements, hence fueling the rivalry.
The French and English people fought in King William’s War (1689-1697), King George’s War (1744-1748), Spanish Succession War, Queen Anne’s War (1702-1713), and in the French and Indian War that began in American in 1754 and ended in Europe in 1763. The Native Americans supported the French in all the wars. In the course of rivals, the English gained significant influence in relation to French and Spanish wars and in the French and Indian wars. They worked together with colonial militias to expel the French people from the mainland part of North America. Eventually, Britain became the only imperial power in North America between the Mississippi River and the Atlantic Ocean.
Allies of the French and Spanish gave up on Florida and considered the claims in New Orleans and West of Mississippi as a form of compensation. As a result, the British lost most of what they had gained. The British gained an enlarged mainland empire following the victory in the French and Indian War. However, the British had new administrative obligations after the acquisition of th...

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