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Discuss the role of the United Nations in the current international system (Essay Sample)


.......Cover Page Required..........3 sources per question giving you six total. On Each question, you will have to use the textbook as one source.


Discuss the role of the United Nations in the current international system.
How effective an organization is the UN?
Do you believe its importance will grow or lessen within the next two decades? Why?
The United Nations organization is an organization that s was formed in the year 1945 immediately after the Second World War as an organ that was set in order to replace the great league of nations that was in the brink of loosing its influence amongst the world countries. The organization was then formed with an aim of providing a platform that would ensure that the world countries can dialogue and in the process promote peace amongst the worlds’ countries (Bourke. 2010).
The united nations organization has several fundamental in that the organization was set to oversee that the countries in the entire universe has maintained good cooperation and this is when the organ oversees issues like international law, economic development international security, social progress, human rights and international security amongst others with one of its key objective being the achievement of world peace (Young, 1967).
The united nation organization has several roles to ply since its formation immediately after the Second World War. With the major aim of its formation being the promotion of peace this is according to the peace agreement treaty that was signed by the member states in efforts aimed at ensuring that each and every country that are members of the united nations will provide its citizens with a conducive environment that is free from violence and human abuse (Bourke, 2010).
In today’s system the United Nations Organization is playing a major role in today’s international system. Therefore, its noted that the organization is now seen as the key organ that will ensure that there is peace and order in the entire world this is because the organization has been given a lot of powers and authority that its predecessor which is known as the League of Nations which only catered for the European countries. While the united nations Organization is an international body with varied responsibilities (Quanyi, 2008).
There are other major roles that are implemented by the organ, these includes the promotion of justice to the people, this is from the establishment of the International Court of Justice that would handle all criminal activities that cant be handled at national levels. This includes activities such as Terrorism, Piracy, Genocide and other activities that involves with war and crimes (Lowe et al, 2010). The organization also uses subsidiary organs under it that handle the diverse problems that are faced with its member countries and this in return helps the organization to fulfill each and every problem of its members (Young, 1967).
The organization has turned out to be a very effective organ to the entire world as i...

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