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Emigration/Migration Patterns (Essay Sample)

How did the immigration of people of color to the west differ from the immigration and internal migration of people of European ancestry? Discuss how the demographics have shifted in this country during the 1900-1920? What were some of the causes of fear and prejudice towards immigrants in the late 19th and early 20th century? Discuss 3 pull factors and 3 pull related to immigration during the late and early 20th century. What conditions "pushed" people out of their homeland or places of birth, and what factors "pulled" them to the American west? What difficulties did each group encounter and how did they overcome them? How did chinese workers contribute to the economic development of the American West? Discuss major events that led to revolutions in the technology and transportation. How did these changes affect the "new" American worker? Answer the question by referencing and using examples from Takaki, Ronald. A Different Mirror. Little, Brown and Company, 2009. Lecture Note: Push factor- Famine, Civil wars, dictator ships, depression and recession, natural disaster, racial and religious, competition. Pull factor- Subsides education, better health care, the promised land, better employment and job opportunities, economic opportunities, freedom *Underline 4 main key terms, concepts* source..
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IntroductionImmigration has posed both cultural integration and economic challenges to the United States and Europe. In the United States there has been cultural diversity tolerance, however, the Americans overestimate the figure of immigrants into their country and they openly favour immigration in lower levels. Immigration was considered an economic need during the industrial boom era; however the effects being felt in the respective regions now warrantee cultural assimilation and selective immigration policies of immigrants. Immigration in EuropeThe immigration status in America is very different from the immigration status in Europe. America is considered as a land of cultural diversity due to the fact that majority of the population (natives excluded) are all immigrants. In fact immigration is always considered as America`s founding myth. Politicians and presidents alike have furthered this notion too. To legally immigrate to the United States of America one faced many challenges due to the immigration policies that were in place before 1960 (Most of these policies were based on ethnic prejudice).Europe, however, has got a different story. The continent did not rely on immigration to build or construct their national identities. The European nations use ethnic terms to describe and define themselves. Demographically, a fact especially as regards to Germany is that Germany has got a large population that is foreign born. The ethnic minority -even those present in Germany- do fit into the political system and hence this strengthens the saying that ‘Germany is not a country of immigration` (Hansen, 2007).The immigration experienced in Europe particularly after the World Wars was triggered or was a market driven economy. The European countries brought in ‘guest workers` from their colonies in order to provide the much needed labour. European countries soon afterwards however, pursued zero immigration policies -after the mid-1970s oil shock- and they also attempted to lessen population that was foreign born through voluntary and even forced returns. This had a devastating effect on them because in the 1990s the booming American economy created a shortage of skilled labour in the European market. The European countries now started approaching immigration from a different angle. The European relaxed their immigration policies and they approached immigrants through solicitising high-tech and professional workers. Demographically, a more positive orientation in the direction of immigration was considered. What the European continent came to realise was that the declining population rate on their continent could be solved by immigration. Furthermore, apart from experiencing low birth rates beyond the replacement levels the increased longevity meant that there was a possibility of shortfalls in the required resources for the funding of entrenched political programs.Push and Pull factorsMigration...
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