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Effect of the Transatlantic Trade on British Empire (Essay Sample)

The essay needs to explain the flow of era in the century ,and exactly explain the plot . The causing facts and impacts of the act is needed. There is an special source needed for it which it is "Give me Liberty" brief addition by Eric Foner.I also can provide pictures of the pages. Though centered on Brazilian and Caribean sugar plantations,the South Atlantic System radically transformed the economic and political situations of British North America.First,give a general synopsis of the transatlantic trade and it's effects on the broader British Empire. Then, explain the system's part in fashioning new North America Economic sphere. History Essay source..
Effect of the Transatlantic Trade on British Empire
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The transatlantic trade occurred in the Atlantic ocean between 16th -19th centuries. This trade was mainly concerned on slaves from the African Continent. Majority of these slaves, which were obtained by Europeans, were from Western and Central parts of Africa. These European merchants then transported them to South and North America. The trade increased the number of African Immigrants to both South and North America by the 18th century. The economic system in South Atlanta and Britain relied on manufacturing apparel products and selling them in European markets. This transatlantic trade was therefore, an important aspect that was used by Britain as a means of obtaining cheap labor in cloth making and other industries. It is also noted that the British Empire wanted to use the high number of immigrants as way of expanding their colonies (Foner, 2012, 300-400).
In the year 1660-1808, the British were notably, the most conspicuous in transnational trade. The participation and activities of the British were particularly more rigorous between 1660-1807. These were coupled with major strategies in the organization of the trade. For instance, the British Empire changed its strategy on how the voyages were managed and financed, investment patterns, and how it related with its colonies such as North America. Other changes introduced by the British to enhance this trade include changing the internal structures of the British organizations that were involved in this trade. This included establishing a relationship between the ports, colonies and the actual tr...
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