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Don Giovanni's Music (Essay Sample)

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Don Giovanni's Music
Mozart’s Don Giovanni is a remarkable piece of artwork that enables the audience to understand the impact of music on the intellect and how it influences Western culture. It is an opera that is effected in two acts which blend comedy, melodrama and elements with supernatural connotations. An opera is a piece of art which combines music and text in dramatic performance (Goehr and Herwitz 2). This particular opera was first performed on 29th October, 1787, in Prague National Theater. It was performed under its full title “Dissoluto Punito ossia il Don Giovanni Drammas giocoso in due.”
Definition of Art
The term art can be defined as a human activity or product which normally has a communicative, representative and aesthetic purpose. It is created using human skills and imagination. There are three main types of art: performing arts (music, dance and drama), visual arts (sculptures, paintings and photography) and applied art (wood craft and architectural works) (Lansing, para. 4). Mozart’s Don Giovanni is a piece of art that is in based on music and textual drama.
Those people who create art are referred to as artists. Sculptors, artisans, animators, picture drawers and music composers are all examples of artists (Lansing, para. 6). In the case of Don Giovanni, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, an Austrian music composer of the 18th century, is the artist. Sometimes it is what happens in the daily life that leads to the emergence of art. As noted by Goehr and Herwitz (7), the events narrated in the Don Giovanni are based on a society characterized by sexual promiscuity, murder and vengeance.
Any piece of artwork is defined by color, form, texture, line, value (tone) and shape. Of these elements, it is tone that seems to be applicable in Mozart’s Don Giovanni. Apart from the fact that a variety of voices are used in presentation of the opera, tone is also used in some remarks used in this artwork, such as "Ah, swear to avenge this blood!" (Goehr and Herwitz 36) and "There we will entwine our hands” (Goehr and Herwitz 41) to capture the themes of vengeance and sexual immorality.
It is through art that the thoughts, emotions, opinions, feelings, thoughts and emotions of the artists are depicted (Lansing, para. 9). Thus art is considered as one of the most appropriate ways through which the attitudes and worldviews of the artists can be expressed and communicated. In the Don Giovanni, Mozart effectively expresses what is in his mind concerning the 19th century society around him that is defined by moral decay. Don Giovanni is considered as one of the important pieces of artistic presented in form of comedy. Perhaps it is due to its high aesthetic value that the opera was highly appreciated right from the first time it was performed in Prague.
The opera Don Giovanni presents a piece of artistic work that shows how socially ...
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