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Discrimination and Slavery Reflection Assignment Paper (Essay Sample)


As stated in the beginning of the semester, one of the goals of this course is to help students better understand the present on the basis of increased knowledge about the past. This discussion is designed to enable you to reflect on that goal and to share with the class how you have achieved it.
In particular, please complete the following mental exercise in order to write an effective essay:
As you look at the world in 2016, what are some of the major challenges and/or problems that confront the world community? NOTE: since this is a world history course, do not choose a problem that is focused on or centered on the United States!
Choose one of these challenges or problems.
Research the nature of the problem (using both information in the text as well as additional research materials).
Now that you have come to better understand the problem as it exists in 2016, think about how this problem and/or challenge in light of all that you have learned about world history. Try to answer these questions:
Is this problem/challenge similar to world problems/challenges in the past?
What are the historical causes of this problem/challenge?
What solutions to similar problems/challenges have been tried in the past? Did they work? Why or why not?
Finally, reflect on how understanding the historical knowledge can help you better understand the contemporary problem/challenge. Why is it important to see the “present” in the light of the “past”?
Once you have completed this mental exercise, prepare your 3-paragraph essay. Follow the following guidelines:
In your introduction, discuss the PROBLEM/CHALLENGE you have chosen. Review all that you have learned about the details of the problem/challenge. 
Remember to cite your sources in MLA formatting!
Give specific details about the nature of the problem/challenge.
Where in the world is this problem/challenge happening?
Who is involved in the problem/challenge? Who is causing the problem? Who is effected by the problem/challenge? Who is trying to solve the problem? When did the problem/challenge begin? (What is the timeline of the problem/challenge?)
What are the statistics/data about the modern problem/challenge?
In your body paragraph, discuss what you have learned in this world history course that can help you better understand both the reasons for the problem and possible solutions.
Be specific in giving historical details! Identify historical actors, historical events, and historical places!
Include at least ONE (1) quote from the textbook (Patterns in World History) that relates to and/or explains what you have learned about world history that helps you think through the contemporary problem/challenge.
In your concluding paragraph, share your reflections on how preparing to write this essay has helped you understand more the value of studying history. What did you learn about the value of understanding the past from completing this assignment?

Discrimination and Slavery
For the longest time, the society has been riddled with issues of discrimination, where some of the cultures deem to be more superior than the rest and therefore taking the right to dehumanize and use them. This is an aspect that has been at the corner stone of society and one that still continues to dominate most of the word cultures even though it is at a much more reduced scale. Much of the discrimination today takes a rather deep seated approach relative to the policies in place (Thomas, William).
Cultural discrimination is a vile that continues to plague the society, with some of the cultures and races taking on a higher social status while others are forced to assume a rather lower status in the society. For most of the lower status cultures, it is thus an uphill task as they try to match the other races (Bertocchi, Graziella and Arcangelo Dimico). This means that, even the opportunities in the society are much more segregated than most of the people would like to admit. It is an aspect that can actually be traced to the days of slavery. While the problem is less pronounced that it was in the past, it is certainly an ongoing problem and one that has take...
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