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James Horn: Jamestown and the Forging of American democracy (Essay Sample)


Before starting your paper, if you have not already done so, read the module on “Writing Assignments Overview and Policies.”
In 1619: Jamestown and the Forging of American Democracy, James Horn poses this question:
“Did slavery and racial prejudice gradually evolve in Virginia during the half century following the arrival of the Angolans, or did de facto enslavement of Africans begin in 1619?”
While Horn argues that racial slavery began in 1619, Taylor contends this was “not predetermined but a product of colonization,” which follows closely to Bailyn’s claim that racial slavery had “no prior design.”
This assignment asks you to take a side in the debate. To do so, you will have to carefully evaluate each author’s claims and evidence, pointing out their relative strengths and weaknesses, in support of your argument.
Conclude your paper with some broader implications of race and the founding of American democracy.
Support your argument with specific evidence from class readings only. Be sure to include a separate works cited page at the end of your paper (this page does not count as the total length of your paper).
Upload your paper (file name: Last Name_Paper_1) as a MS Word attachment through Canvas.
Contact me if you have any questions regarding this assignment.


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Did Racial Prejudice Start in 1619?
James Horn: Jamestown and the Forging of American democracy
‘Racial slavery began in 1619’
Horns speaks of two events with happened simultaneously and shaped American history altogether; A gathering of the general assembly and the arrival of a buttered privateer. It was carrying the first shipment of African slaves a few weeks later. According to his well-narrated account of the happening in history, Virginia is where slavery and freedom were born at the same place and time in history (Horn 85). He provides evidence to show that in the mid-sixteenth century Africans were already slaves and mentions several Americans and British who profited from this business. Horn tells a story of the rise of the Jamestown colony along the banks of the James River in Virginia with a vision to grow and be stable and independent. He also narrates the origin of the first slaves tracing it to the Congo.

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