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Colonial Americans History Essay Research Coursework (Essay Sample)


Hi there, the question prompt should be answered in essay-format and contain a minimum of 5-6 paragraphs. In answering the question, you are required to support your claims with historical evidence and analysis. Overall, your objective, in answering the question, is to “respond/ think like a historian,” meaning your arguments and claims should be supported with evidence from primary and secondary sources. PLEASE PLEASE no online sources. IF YOU MUST USE AN ONLINE SOURCE, PLEASE REPHRASE IT AND AVOID PLAGIARISM. Thank you!
Introduction: In early British North America, the colonial labor gap was always an issue for colonies economically dependent on export of cash crops. The British, initially, attempted to follow the Spanish model, only to end up relying on a form of labor (indentured servitude) that they were relatively familiar with. Ultimately, the enslavement of Africans became the most lucrative and desirable means for extracting profits from the New World.
Question: Identify and discuss colonial Americans’ futile attempts at enslaving indigenous Americans, and the transitions from indentured servitude to African slavery. Be sure to display that you understand the factors that led to each transition. How, and why, did the social construct of race emerge to justify and support the labor needs of the colonies?


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Colonial Americans
Millions of Native Americans lived in Northern part of the country before the invasion by the European colonial powers. Influenced by desire for free labor, Colonial Americans introduced a system of slavery that was different from the historical practices of enslavement among the Indigenous people. According to Historian Christina Snyder, European concept of bondage changed how Native Americans interacted with each other, leading to the enslavement and deaths of many indigenous people (Bialuschewski and Fisher, 14). This, in turn, resulted in the widespread resistance by Native Americans that marked the beginning of the failed attempt by Colonial Americans to enslave indigenous Americas.

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