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Civil Rights People. History Research Paper Essay (Essay Sample)


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HIST 3401: AMERICAN PLURALISM TO 1877  Writing Assignment 6 Civil War People: A Proposal for a Multiple Biography In this exercise, you are to imagine you are writing a multiple biography of Americans in the time of the Civil War. Your book will trace the lives and experiences of three Americans whose experiences in the years around the Civil War have something to say about diversity in the American experience. Look into the basic biographical facts about each of these individuals, concentrating on their activities in the years around the Civil War. Civil War People Ely S. Parker Mary Livermore Kate Cumming David Walker Angelina Grimke William B. Gould Judah P. Benjamin Edward S. Salomon Moses Osman Henry Morton Stanley Alexander Thomas Augusta Identify THREE whose stories, told side by side, would make a good essay about the diversity of the American experience in the Civil War. In a short essay (150-250 words) identify the individuals you selected, and defend your selection. NOTE: You’re not writing the biography itself, just a brief proposal for a larger research study someone could write. You may cut and paste your response into the response window or upload a word processing document. Stupid Example: For example, let’s say you identified Scrooge McDuck, Donald Duck, and Mickey Mouse as subjects to examine working class life in Duckburg. You might start your essay: “A multiple biography of Scrooge McDuck, Donald Duck, and Mickey Mouse reveals the potential for interspecies economic cooperation in Duckburg, as well as the institutional and class-imposed limitations on such cooperation.” Then you’d have a sentence or two about Mickey Mouse and his economic struggles; a sentence or two about Donald Duck (perhaps discussing the close friendship between the duck and the mouse), and a brief introduction to Scrooge McDuck. You’d conclude with an overview of what the three stories told side by side suggest, i.e: “Examining the lives of these three individuals might demonstrate that in social matters Mickey and Donald could be best of friends—going to the beach, camping trips, double dates with Minnie and Daisy—Scrooge McDuck’s stranglehold on the economic wheels of power in Duckburg kept the two friends from forming more meaningful economic alliances.”


Course Title:
Civil Rights People
A multi-biography of civil war people would best be told about Angelina Grimke, Mary Livermore, and David Walker. The trio stories tell of years of struggle, diversity, standing for their principles amidst opposition and vast ideologies in line with their emotional truths. Essentially, each spoke and acted from own perception about the trending issues on their time.
Mary Livermore was a lecturer, writer and editor, and an active member of the women’s suffrage and temperance movement. Moreover she was among the lead organizers of the sanitary commission (Venet & Wendy). She is a renowned feminist who fought against discrimination against women and advocating for the end of slavery.

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