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Christopher Columbus And Native Americans (Essay Sample)


Please read the document which i have attached it. Take about from different aspects about the major accomplishments that Columbus did in his life and how it affects Native American in that particular time. What is Columbus saying about Native Americans? What does it show about Columbus? Please know this is not a research paper, but if there was a little bit of research around a topic that might be okay. if you cite from the article, please put the page number.


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Christopher Columbus and Native Americans
By definition, an accomplishment is the successful attainment of something. Although the term success is generic, one can relate and gauge one's success by analyzing their accomplishments. When talking of Columbus accomplishments, one can ask how his accomplishments relate to success while his initial aim was to find a shortcut to India, which was never achieved in the first place (Helgason and Lässig 53). Although he did not find what he was looking for, his efforts bore fruits since he discovered new landmasses, which played a huge role in uplifting the lives of Native Americans. Some scholars are compelled to believe that he was not what he actually seemed to be and that his plan for navigation of the Atlantic had some ulterior motive in it.
Columbus voyages can be described as of huge significance to native America since they opened up the “new world” to exploration as well as conquest. The four voyages that Columbus made played an instrumental role in motivating other voyages that had an influential role in enhancing the development of the Americas (Loewen 61). These voyages culminated to other events that were instrumental in the development of native America. Some scholars argue that the coming of Columbus signaled doom to the native societies since his voyages almost led to universal destruction of the native societies, particularly when it comes to the exploration of the Europeans (Walsh. A good example is a time that Aztec administration was overthrown leading to the establishment of the New Spain. Furthermore, the political independence of the Aztecs was eradicated and their culture was mixed with that of the New Spain leading to the creation of a new culture.
Further, the degree of his accomplishment can only be dependent on how one sees and perceives him. His life as an explorer was significantly distinct from this life as a colonial governor. Through his letters to Luis De Santangel, we can attribute a couple of accomplishments that were made during his voyage. When he passed through to Indies with the fleet, which the king had given him for the voyage, he managed to find a couple of islands vastly inhabited (Helgason & Lässig 53). For the first island, he named it Sant Salvador in remembrance of his high majesty. For the second he named the island Santa Maria de conception. The third land he named it Fernandina while the fourth land he called it Fair Island. The fifth land he called it La Isla Juana, and for every single island he managed to capture, he gave them different names.
Columbus and his team traveled for three days to investigate if the country was under any form of governance and if it had a king. They later found many villages that were heavily populated without any system of governance. He continued exploring and came across the land that was highly fertile and productive. Here, the land had beautiful sceneries, tall trees and was accessibl

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