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Comparison And Contrast Of The Atlantic Revolutions (Essay Sample)


Compare and contrast the following three Atlantic Revolutions: The American Revolution, the Haitian Revolution, and the Latin (Spanish) American Revolutions.


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19 January 2018
Comparison and Contrast of the Atlantic Revolutions
There are similarities and differences in the American, Haitian, and Latin Revolutions which have made a mark in history. These 3 are significant historical events that have influenced a lot of the ideals and views of today. By comparing and contrasting them, there will be a more intellectual understanding of what occurred during those times and what made them memorable to today's generation.
Based on Restavek Freedom web site, the American and Haitian Revolutions took place between 1756 and 1783, wherein the American revolution happened when there were 13 colonies revolting against Great Britain's King George III for them to be recognized as a sovereign nation (2017). Apart from the revolution giving America the Constitution, Declaration of Independence, and they elected their 1st president, George Washington.
It was not long after that when the Haitian Revolution took place. The slaves made their mark from 1791 to 1804 that happened in the French Colony during that time. Saint Domingue led the revolution because he wanted Haiti to finally reach sovereignty. The Haitian Revolution is the only uprising led by slaves to achieve sovereignty.
These 2 revolutions were successful because of the problems being faced by the superpowers in the country. The French Revolution partly contributed to the success of the Haitian Revolution because of the political turmoil they caused. The colonial administrator's ability was weakened to keep peace and order, and their authority was no longer effective.
The American revolution was battling against Great Britain, which is not similar to Haiti because the British army reached their full power when the war began. The revolutions of Haiti and America shared similar ideologies.
The independence wars in Latin America happened in the late 17th to early 18th centuries that resulted to the emergence of independent countries located in Latin America. Since these revolutions followed after the American and French Revolutions, they had an ardent impact on the different American colonies. According to the Gettysburg web site, the revolutions starte

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