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The Anthropology of Structural Violence in Disease Epidemics (Essay Sample)

Write a 7-9 page paper, typed, Times font, 1 inch margins all sides, double spaced. Paginate. No cover page or folder. Bibliography at end. Use academic prose. Cite your sources and quote them where appropriate. State a thesis and present evidence to confirm it. Discuss the following journal article, in light of course themes: Paul Farmer is a famous Harvard professor, anthropologist, and medical doctor who works with the poor in Haiti. He is a critic of high-cost medicine, and of the unequal distribution of wealth on Earth. Farmer, Paul. 2004. “An Anthropology of Structural Violence,” Current Anthropology. Vol. 45, No. 3 (June 2004), pp. 305-325. Stable URL: http://www(dot)jstor(dot)org(dot)myaccess(dot)library(dot)utoronto(dot)ca/stable/10.1086/382250 Your paper should engage Farmer's essay, as well as texts and lectures from ANT208. source..
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Date: 20/05/2012
The Anthropology of Structural Violence in Disease Epidemics
As a result of contacts with patients, doctors normally appreciate the idea that increased social forces such as racism, poverty, gender violence and the relevant policies determine an individual that becomes sick and who contains access to health care. As far as various practitioners of public health are concerned, various social disease determinants are normally difficult to disregard. However, the awareness is rarely channeled into formal frameworks which connect social analysis towards all time clinical practice (Bauman, 78). In the actual sense, lethal diseases such as tuberculosis and AIDS are normally associated with inequality and poverty. This is the reason these two diseases are mostly prevalent in poor countries. According to Farmer, poverty and inequality has created a differential risk towards infection. This is inclusive of adverse results including death. Thus, it is vital to connect such anthropology to epidemiology and towards an understanding of distinct access to new therapeutic and diagnostic tools. This paper discusses Paul Farmer’s journal article “An Anthropology of Structural Violence”, in light of course themes.
All serious understanding of current epidemics of tuberculosis and AIDS after the end of colonialism calls for a thorough understanding of history and political economy. The origin and persistence of these outbreaks in Haiti has roots in the various enduring impacts of expansion by Europeans in the New World alongside slavery and the associated racism. The anthropology of this kind of structural violence is drawn on the biology, history and political economy. These are the main reasons why much of Farmer’s work is concerned with the study of infectious diseases like tuberculosis and malaria. After opening up a clinic in rural Haiti, Farmer observed the dissemination of HIV in the entire Central P...
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