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Thesis about the state of the U.S. at its 10th anniversary of the events of 9/11/2001 (Essay Sample)

First steps: - Review the video "The Nation at the New School: Ten years after 9/11”. Your best review source will be the threads of the DB2 and, of course, your own notes on the video. http://www(dot)youtube(dot)com/watch?v=tvTh5hzAAyM - Download, and read the four articles that may be found in the three documents attached below. (Please note that the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs document includes two articles, one by Ron Paul; the other by Rachelle Marshall). As you process these articles, note the arguments and conclusions of each one and how these support and/or challenge the findings of the video. - Develop your own thesis about the state of the U.S. at its 10th anniversary of the events of 9/11/2001. To do this, of course, you will want to consider all of the resources (video + four articles). -With your thesis decided, prepare an essay of between 750 and 1250-words in which: Regarding your essay: - Your first paragraph will include a statement of your thesis. - Your next four or five paragraphs will support your thesis by referencing specific information from the video and one or more of the four articles. Of course, here, as well, you will address any challenges to your thesis as these arise in the video and/or the four articles [Clearly, all of these sources are not of one mind about the ten-year period]. - You will close your essay by, in the last paragraph, summing up your information and restating your thesis as a conclusion. Sample thesis: On the tenth anniversary of 9/11/2001, the U.S could have a great sense of accomplishment as it had significantly reduced the threat of domestic terrorism and could now turn itself to addressing the many social and economic problems that had arisen during the decade. You may use resources other than these two articles (Although, resources are not necessary for your essay, and the four plus video should be adequate). Any outside resources that you use must be electronic, and they may not include any “.com” sites, Wikipedia (an “.org' site) or other electronic encyclopedias. Any resources consulted must be sited in a “Works Cited” section at the end of your essay. For help with this, visit the MLA works-sited tool offered at The pages of essay need to have one-inch margins on all four sides. The line spacing must be one and one-half or two. Please keyboard your paper in Times New Roman or Arial font (11 or 12-point). In the top right hand corner, please put your name, course section number and the date. At the bottom of each page, please insert page numbers. Also, papers found to include undocumented sources or excessive referencing will be returned ungraded. source..
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State of the U.S. at its 10th Anniversary of the 9/11 Events
A decade after the horrifying events of September 11, 2001, which claimed the lives of 3000 citizens and posed great threat to the US national security, the Americans have become more aware of their dramatically changing place in the world (Slaughter 21). While such a tragedy demanded mass level retribution and retaliation, the American establishment as well as national media have been obsessed with War on Terrorism and Terrorist Organizations sidelining the gradually unfolding economic war (Paul 20). This paper is aimed at highlighting the greater economic crises facing the United States presently and arguing that the need to fight the financial terrorists is now critical and more important than utilizing energies and resources for combating international terrorist groups.
Thesis Statement
On the tenth anniversary of 9/11/2001 the U.S could enjoy a sense of accomplishment as it had significantly reduced the threat to public security and should now turn itself to more threatening financial crises had arisen during the decade.
The rising rate of unemployment and alarmingly widening income disparities in the region has put the economic stability and growth of America at stake. According to a recent report the income difference between the elite groups and common population is at all time high with 1% of the elite population controlling approx. 70% of the total financial assets (DeGraw). Due to lack of efficient economic policy making and spending huge funds on ongoing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the structure of American economy has collapsed just like the World Trade Center as interest rates were intensified, national industries were privatized and Under Structural Adjustment Programs were ended (DeGraw).
The establishment’s continued focus on eliminating Al-Qaeda and its partner terrorist agencies was supported by the national media and with technocratic precisian, the US government succeeded in avoiding civil unrest due to radically deteriorating economy. In a documentary video titled ‘The Nation at the New School: Ten Years after 9/11’ Eric Foner has explored how the 9/11 events has enveloped the population as well as the state with the fear of terrorism invasion (The New School) which could provide an explanation as to why economic policy making and reforms were not given due importance at both state and public level which in turn led to social inequality and economic downfall.
Another threatening issue arising from unemployment that has grown tremendously in the years following 9/11 attacks is the increase in domestic violence. According to some researchers, the incidents of domestic terrorism have grown more several times more than international incidents and hence the government’s repeated focus on international terrorist groups and their activities is i...
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