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The Annexation of Texas (Essay Sample)

Paper Assignment Topic: “The Diplomacy, Politics, and Intrigue of “Manifest Destiny”: The Annexation of Texas” (Chapter 9) in William Bruce Wheeler and Susan Becker, Discovering the American Past: A Look at the Evidence. In the Louisiana Purchase of 1803, the United States nearly doubled its landmass. Yet this new territory did not extend all of the way to the Pacific Ocean, nor did it include the present-day American Southwest. That territory remained the domain of Spain, and then Mexico. Nonetheless, Americans eyed this western and southwestern territory to fulfill their Manifest Destiny of expanding to the Pacific Ocean. In the 1820s-1830s, Mexico sought to increase revenue and began to encourage immigration to its northern territory of Texas. By 1836, nearly 30,000 white Americans lived in Texas with their 5,000 African American slaves, despite an 1829 Mexican prohibition on importing new slaves. Mexico's attempt to reign in the rebellious northern province of Texas failed, and Texas claimed its independence in 1836. Since Texas and the United States had formed many close bonds, many Texans did not want to remain independent. The last president of Texas before its annexation clearly noted the draw to the U.S. Anson Jones explained, “So powerful has been this feeling [closeness and commonality], and so intimate has been the connection . . . that we have still thought and felt as if we were yet a part and portion of them [of the U.S.]”# Annexation, however, was not accomplished easily or quickly. To spur U.S. annexation of Texas, some Americans began to argue that Great Britain wanted to annex Texas to prevent the American spread westward and to block slavery's expansion. After reading all of the evidence, write a 4-6-page paper that answers the following question: was there a British abolitionist conspiracy designed to block the United States' annexation of Texas? If yes, clearly explain why there was a conspiracy and prove it. If no, was there any other conspiracy involving the annexation of Texas (and prove this conspiracy). Your paper must have an argument that clearly explains your position. You must also underline that argument. If you cannot clearly explain your position, and underline that argument, how do you expect your TA to know your argument? Your paper will be penalized if you do not underline your argument. Your paper must cite at least five pieces of evidence. You must include at least two British sources (1, 2, 4, 9-11, 24, and 27 are the British sources) and at least three non-British sources. You may use information from the “Background” section of the chapter, but your evidence must come from the “Evidence” section of the chapter. Use of any outside sources (not in DTAP chapter 9) will result in an F. Citations must be in the form of a footnote/endnote (as included in paragraph one, above)- parenthetical reference citations will be penalized. If you do not know how to insert the footnote/endnote, see your teaching assistant or the professor. (Please note in your footnote if the source is “British” or “non-British.” Your citation should include the title of the source: “President Tyler's Message to the U.S. Senate, April 22, 1844” (non-British), 222-224- for example.) Your paper must be 4-6 pages in length, 12 pt font, Times New Roman, and double-spaced. I need the essay before Dec. 3, 7:45am Central time zone! Thank you source..
The Annexation of Texas
The concept of Manifest Destiny was an American belief in the 19th Century that the US was meant to spread out its territory from the Atlantic seaboard to the Pacific Ocean and across the North American continent. It was on the basis of this concept that annexation of Texas by the U.S was developed. An abolitionist means one who favors removal of something. Conspiracy means an agreement to perform together an illegal, wrongful, or subversive act.
The purpose of this paper is to consider the evidence section as provided in chapter 9 of William Bruce Wheeler and Susan Becker, Discovering the American past, and based on this, share whether there was indeed a British abolitionist conspiracy designed to block the US`s annexation of Texas, or if there was any other conspiracy in this case and proof thereof. My argument is in favor of the position that there was indeed British abolitionist conspiracy designed to block the US from annexation of Texas. At the same time, there was Southern conspiracy to extend American land southward into Mexico and South America, thereby building indefinite new slave states, while the north would be incapable to increase equally owing to the existence of British military in Canada. "Or was Gilmer himself part of a slaveholder`s conspiracy (as John Quincy Adams and other antislavery advocates claimed) to use the ‘abolitionist issue" to stampede Americans into annexation? Indeed, rumors abounded in both the North and the South…." (Bento 204).
Initially, Texas was part of Coahuila y Tejas, which was one of the Mexican states. Spanish colonialists in Texas allowed Moses Austin right to take over American settlers in 1821. However, Austin passed on shortly thereafter, and Stephen, his son was authorized by the New Mexican government to carry on his father`s work. 13500 American families had lawfully moved into Texas by 1835. Some more families also moved into Texas unlawfully.
A major occurrence of pre-civil war politics of America following westward extension was the Texas annexation possibility. When William Henry Harrison, the hero of the 1812 war died barely one month in office, John Tyler ascended to presidency in 1841. He hoped to amass a national following through support for his foreign policy. His secretary of state, Daniel Webster negotiated a pact with Great Britain in1842 and managed to put to rest the long standing Maine and Canada boundary row. This received great public endorsement. John Tyler then went ahead with the annexation subject. He started a propaganda campaign in 1843 targeting annexation of Texas in spite of rampant differences of opinion between the North and the South. He argued that he had proof showing intention by British to snatch away the unbalanced region if the US would not respond fast. In order for him to gain support, he alleged that if the British took over Texas, slavery would be outlawed, cotton farmers would be sent back to the southern s...
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