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Is myth meant to be a substitute for science? If so, are we currently living in aMythology science (Essay Sample)


Is myth meant to be a substitute for science? If so, are we currently living in a post-mythic world?
Responses to essay questions should argue for a specific academic viewpoint
Primary evidence from the text must be used to support analysis
Warning: Do not simply narrate the texts with no analysis
Citations are not necessary
i will attach a list of the stories you may use for evidence please only use these stories and cite them well

List of stories- these are stories we read in class. Just use examples from these stories you do not need to quote and use citations 
Morford, M.P.O., Lenardon, R.J., & Sham, M. 2014. ‘Interpretation and Definition of Classical Mythology.’ Classical Mythology. 10th ed. Oxford: Oxford University Press.  
Dalley 228-249
Dalley 249-274
Inca creation story
African-Yoruba creation story
Prose Edda
Greece- Theogony
Mesopotamia creation story 
Odysseus in the Underworld
Virgil: “Aeneas in the Underworld”
African Mwindo Epic 
Roman: “Cupid and Psyche”
Egyptian/Greek (Plutarch) “Isis and Osiris”
Indian: “The Tale of Tulisa” (Ludwig Friedlander)
Mabinogion:Pwyll Prince of Dyfed: 3-20, Manawydan son of Llŷr (excerpt): 35-37
The Ballad of Mulan
The Amazons
“Stories of Anansi” (African/Ashanti)
American Indian Trickster Tales
Polynesian Trickster Tales


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April 28, 2020
Is Myth supposed to be a Substitute for Science?
Myths has always been a part of the rich history of any society. From the Ancient Greeks and to the Amazonians, myths have always been a part of a society’s culture to which some people believe in. However, myths have a much greater purpose rather than being a tale to tell during gatherings. In the ancient times it serves as a foundation for the moral and spiritual code of the people. It is also one of things that help humans understand the different phenomena that they experience during the times when the rational explanation for them has yet to be discovered. 

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