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American Revolution was Revolutionary (Essay Sample)


Make an argument about the extent to which the American Revolution was revolutionary (or not), explain why, and why this was historically significant. Follow outline. Use specific evidence in essay’s body to support your argument.
-- Introductory paragraph / Main argument re: Amer. Rev.: Briefly explain main argument here and why it is historically significant. -- Paragraph analyzing reasons for revolution and extent to which the reasons were revolutionary (or not).
Use 2 specific examples of different grievances from Paine’s Common Sense OR the Declaration of Indepence to support your argument.
-- Paragraph analyzing efforts to create new governments and the extent to which the efforts were revolutionary (or not).
Use 3 specific different examples from “Mercy Otis Warren” OR “William Manning” to support your argument.
Also use 1 example from the U.S. Constitution (from the interior Articles) to support your argument.
AND use 1 example from the Bill of Rights (first Ten Amendments) to support your argument.
-- Paragraph analyzing extent to which revolution’s outcomes for various groups reveal it as revolutionary (or not).
Use 3 specific different examples from “Abigail Adams” OR “Boston King” to support your argument.
Also use 1 film example (“Mary Silliman’s War”) to support argument .
-- Concluding Paragraph and interesting restatement of main argument.

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American Revolution was Revolutionary
The American Revolution resulted into independence for the 13 American colonies from the British Empire. The revolution which is considered as one of its own kind reflected and embodied principles of enlightenment including personal liberty, self-government and equality among others. It was largely aimed at ending the then monarchal rule by the British Empire and to establish principles of democracy. The American Revolution was revolutionary in that it helped transform the monarchical society in to a republic where citizens were allowed to participate in the political process. The revolution also introduced a new political importance to the tolerable societal elements disparage making it impossible for the elite to openly belittle ordinary people.
Various reasons led to the eruption of the American Revolution. However, at the root of these reasons was the monarchy system with which the British Empire exercised its power over the colonists. The monarchy exercised supreme power of the subjects without offering them any form of representation as can be seen in the manner in which it enacted tax laws. Under the monarchy systems, the colonists were just but mere subjects of the king and laws made did not consult nor address their interests. Very few white men (those who were deemed as loyal) were allowed to vote. There was no political organized party and the colonists were deprived of numerous rights. A new form of governance would by extension accord these things to the colonists and give power back to the people. This prompted Jefferson to write in the declaration of independence that all men had been created equal with unalienable rights among life and liberty. This sentiment illustrates the extent to which the colonists felt discriminated against and deprived of their rights. Another example also drawn from the declaration of independence, a historical document that recognizes certain truths as being self evident, is the recognition that governments "…derive their just power from the ...
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