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Slavery and Politics in the early American Republic (Essay Sample)

Read Slavery and Politics in the Early American Republic by Matthew Mason, paying particular attention to argument, evidence used and overall persuasiveness. Once you have finished, find two other works (either books or journal articles) that take a different/opposite view. Read and identify their main arguments. Then using what you have learned write a paper taking a side in the historical debate that you have uncovered. In your paper be sure to compare, contrast and asses each of the readings. Your paper should have a clear thesis and use what you have gleaned from the readings to support your case. source..
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Slavery and Politics in the early American Republic
Thomas Jefferson was faced with a controversy in accepting that Missouri was in a controversy with the Federal union. It was identified with a fireball in the night. The survival of the union was threatened by the sudden interruption of slavery issues by the Federal Government (Mason 24). Mathew Mason in his work indicated that there were contrasting positions on the laws governing Federal Government and the slavery. This shake up was experienced in the year eighteen ten. Slavery was critical in the American life supporting free labour to vast agricultural lands and industries (Mason 32).
Mason in a persuasive manner indicated that controversies were not all about slavery, he continued to assert that successive crises in the Federal Union coincided with antislavery rhetoric. This was a controversy considering that few Americans would have considered parting with slavery (Mason 64). Slavery was considered to have contributed to the fast growth of the American economy.
Mason in his work continues to argue that antislavery assaults were rising in America. This was after similar issues affected United Kingdom. Geopolitical considerations influenced the union of slaves and the Federal Government. This led to the conspiracy of the slave power. This was illegal according to the existing laws in America (Mason 64). Controversies arose based on antislavery and anti slave power.
Mason argued that slavery was a challenge in the American politics. This was visible with the Missouri controversy of the year eighteen nineteen. He indicated the development of the antislavery rhetoric. This was critical in pro slavery future arguments. North America was concerned with South America increased abuses on slaves. North American was committed to keeping away from slavery; this was in contrast with the South America (Mason 96). Slavery was considered evil. South American was concerned with silencing the slavery talks; this is because they were not concerned with ending slavery. This indicates the arguments between the two spheres. Intervention of the British voices muted the antislavery. African Americans were under siege (Mason 120). This led to the notion of free blacks. It is evidenced that blacks were free at last. Controversy on freedom and slavery remained unclear for some time in reference to the separate spheres.
Fugitives sort refuge from the North America which had ended slavery many years back. This led the Southern American sens...
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