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Was The America Revolution Solely A Struggle For Independence (Essay Sample)


This paper must be computer-generated, double-spaced, with standard one-inch margins and 12 pt. font (Times New Roman). must have introduction, thesis statement, body, conclusion and citations.
After having read chapter four in Thinking Through the Past, use that chapter's primary sources as evidence to support your interpretation of the following question:
Was the American Revolution solely a struggle for independence from Britain, or did it also involve efforts to make American society more democratic?


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Was the America Revolution solely a Struggle for Independence, or did it involve efforts to make American Society More Democratic?
The American Revolution was a struggle for political liberation from the colonialists and democracy was an afterthought. For instance, the wealthy colonists wanted independence from Britain for economic reasons (Hollitz 58). The movement was triggered by the Americans resentment for the economic policies imposed on them by the British. For example, the Americans resented the Parliament's right to tax the colonies and their exclusion from participating in political matters affecting their interests. The practice became to be known popularly as taxation without representation. After the end of the Indian and the French War in 1763, the British clowns needed financial resources. As a result, they imposed unpopular taxes such as the Sugar Act and the Stamp Act and trade restrictions on the American colonies (Hollitz 70). Due to their religion and geography, these colonies had been fairy unattached to the British Monarchy. Even without the help of the Monarch, the people of the 13 colonies had been able to make a life for themselves through trade and other economic activities (Hollitz 60). However, after the war, the British Monarch wanted to have more of the colonists' resources (money) fueling resentment and strengthening their objection to the under-representation in Parliament.
As a result, the colonies formed a continental Army primarily composed of minutemen to challenge the largely organized and equipped British Army. The War between the British and the revolutionists was triggered by disturbances like the 1773 Boston Tea Party. In response to the disturbances, Britain sent its forces to destroy the stores of the rebel military in Massachusetts and Concord. In 1775, fighting broke out in Concord and Lexington (Hollitz 65). When fighting broke out, the rebel forces began siege of some of the most important cities during the time like Boston. The siege ended when the rebel forces drove away the British forces from Boston in the 1776 battle of Bunker Hill (Hollitz 64). The Americans refused ‘the crown

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