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Think Right About Coitus, Orgasm, And Childbearing (Essay Sample)


One (1) Reflection Papers is required. You are asked to reflect and comment on the material covered in class and your readings. These should be your own thoughts, feelings, and reactions. The papers should be a brief journal (2 pages; double spaced) of your thoughts, ideas, and reactions as you consider the areas in human sexuality we have covered, and handed in. This paper is NOT returned. Please make a copy for yourself if you wish. You will receive credit for your paper even though no grade is assigned to it


Reflection Paper
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Having the right idea about something is very important, and so is thinking right about coitus, orgasm, and childbearing. Orgasm may take less than a minute but is a very precious feeling for intimate beings. Additionally, the intensity of orgasm experience is determined by various factors which include age, physical condition, and context. Most people may be aware of the aspect of context which includes personal attitude and activity, atmosphere but it is essential for people to know how the other factors come into. Basically, young people are expected to have a relatively intense organism compared to the aged. In the same way, healthy couples are expected to enjoy more intense organism compared to unhealthy ones. It is all about the energy and the attention that we commit to the act.
Goal orientated sex leads to unrealistic expectations. This means that foreplay is a very important part of sexual intercourse. There are acts that will happen during the foreplay and determine how oriented sexual intercourse will be, the same as for a woman. This implies that there are areas of the human body that arouse sexual desire faster than others (Gabb & Fink, 2018). For instance, squeezing, putting a sudden stop me, and yanking the scrotum can arouse a man for rapidly. On the other hand, teasing or poking the Grafenberg spot (G-spot) rapidly arouses women for quickly than any other means. Some people are exclusive aroused by different things (paraphilias) such as watching others undress, animals, urine, and dead bodies, among others.
Moreover, when it comes to contraceptive options, we have to make healthy choices too. For instance, we have to choose the safest method and affordable methods. Unfortunately, the safest and cheapest option is abstinence and it seems to have been recording fewer user

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