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Why You Feel You Would Like To Be A Sonographer And What You Will Do To Ensure Your Success? (Essay Sample)


This essay is to be about
Why you feel you would like to be a sonographer and what you will do to ensure your success.
Here is a personal experience that I had personally besides wanting to be in the healthcare field and helping people it was what opened my eyes to wanting to pursue an education to be able to have a career in this field. At the age of 15 I was having tremendous abdominal pain and doctor ordered a pelvic and an abdominal ultrasound which they found a sizeable 8cm fluid field hemorrhagic ovarian cyst that required emergency surgery. The doctor told me that had the ovary turned with the cyst it could have strangulated cutting my blood flow off which could have been life threatening. I have the utmost respect for this profession and look forward to being a sonographer and able to play a vital role in evaluating and diagnosing a huge range of medical conditions among pre-born, newborn, child, adult, and elderly patients.The field of ultrasound has many different specialties: cardiac, OB/GYN, ophthalmic, vascular, abdominal, breast, interventional, and more. A sonographer’s skills are highly specialized and valued, and most students are able to find a niche within the specialty that fits them best. Not many careers can lay claim to such a breadth of opportunity for personal satisfaction as well as opportunity to make a positive impact on the lives of patients.


Why I feel I would like to be a sonographer and what I would do to ensure my success?
A sonographer is a multi-specialty profession involving diverse areas ranging from breast, abdominal, obstetrics/gynecology, vascular, pediatric, phlebology and many more. The profession itself offers an individual a wide range of choices for a profession. Moreover, my passion for being a sonographer goes way back to my childhood. At the age of fifteen years, a sonographer helped identify an ovarian cyst caused by tremendous abdominal pain that I was experiencing. The 8cm fluid hemorrhagic cyst required me to have an emergency surgery without which I would be a gone case. The sonographer played a critical role in saving my life through effective evaluation and diagnosis of my condition.
Another aspect that interests me in being a sonographer is the fact that sonography calls for continuous learning. Hence, I have to commit to enhanced patient care coupled with continuous quality improvement. I love learning to make this filed my utmost match for my quest for technical competence and increased knowledge in the medical field. Moreover, sonographers are essential in the medical field. They are responsible for guaranteeing the image serves the intended purposes.
Also, sonographers make decisions on what equipment to use, positions of the patients and the images to keep and the possible outcome of t

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