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For or against doctor assisted suicide. Health Medicine Essay (Essay Sample)


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Persuasive Essay against Doctor-Assisted Suicide
Doctor-assisted suicide refers to voluntary deaths that occur with the help of a physician. The physician deliberately provides the patient with the mechanisms needed to commit suicide (Ababneh, 2). These include counseling the person regarding lethal drugs, supplying the drugs, and prescribing them to the person who chooses to die (Radbruch, 104). In most cases, this concept applies to terminally-ill patients who wish to die because they cannot bear the pain anymore. On such occasions, the patient may ask the doctor to prescribe lethal drugs or remove life-supporting machines to allow them to die in dignity. Whether or not physician-assisted suicide is an individual decision that has raised controversies from legal and ethical points of view. In some countries, the practice is authorized, while in others, physician-assisted death is prohibited. Some countries allow it on one condition: - If a patient is terminally ill with a life expectancy of not more than six months (Satz 1386). Such people can request physicians to help them terminate their lives to stop pain and suffering. However, from legal and ethical perspectives, doctor-assisted death is not justifiable because assisting patients to end their lives is against the principles of nursing ethics. Similarly, no human being has a legal obligation to take another person's life. In other words, physician-assisted suicide is a violation of the human right to life.

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