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Mental health in the black community.Community Health Final Assignment (Essay Sample)


Community Health Final Assignment
In order to better understand the health needs and practices of various cultures within communities, you will conduct research on a community health issue that commonly affects a particular culture or group, a neighborhood or community, or a particular culture’s response to health issues and treatment.
1. You will identify a culture, group, or neighborhood/community you would like to conduct health research on.
2. Select a health issue, need, and/or health behavior or practice pertaining to the culture, group, or neighborhood you chose. For example, there may be a particular health issue that predominantly affects the culture or community you choose (e.g. rock music culture and drugs, men and alcoholism, African Americans and heart disease, rates of child asthma in the Bronx and Harlem, meth addiction in rural America).
3. Once you have chosen the culture, group, or neighborhood and area of health needs and/or practices that you want to research you should think of at least two questions or myths that you want to address in the research.
4. Your summary should include the following information:
a. Discuss how you feel about the particular health issue after having a chance to look at it more closely.
b. Do you feel that community health organizations and agencies are addressing the issue effectively?
c. Did you find anything surprising?
d. Did you find anything within the culture, group, or neighborhood you researched that you would like to change, or try or adopt into your own lifestyle? Why/why not?
So the topic I chose is Mental health in the black community. I want to identify why a lot of african americans tend to suffer in silence. I want to identify if slavery and our ancestors has an impact on our mindsets to not want to seek medical attention. Or if the church standards and our faith has something to do with it. Why do african americans feel shameful to speak on their mental health situations.
Are the causes of mental health due to the communities that blacks live in (violence, lack of education on mental health etc.) Those are just some ideas. THANK YOU!


Mental Health Analysis
Mental health in the black community
Background and Introduction
Currently, African Americans lead the country with troubling statistics such as unemployment, neglect and domestic violence, all which increase stress. It is therefore not surprising that the African American community is leading in the United States in mental health issues (Ellis 5).
Additionally, racism can be highlighted as the leading cause of mental illness in African Americans. This, however, is not the only cause that will be discussed in the paper. Racism has psychologically affected African Americans by allowing the society to deny their worth as people and also compelling them towards internalizing the racist conceptions of who they are (Ellis 5). Racist stressors can also lead towards an increase in physiological reactivity which, when maintained for a period, can lead to cardiovascular illnesses and disorders.

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