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Malnutrition In The World Health, Medicine, Nursing Essay (Essay Sample)


• Respect maximum number of 3 pages
• 11 or 12-point font, it can be single spaced
• Few or no grammatical errors or misspellings
• In-text citations or footnotes/endnotes
• Separate works cited or references list
Part 1: Usefulness and limitations of FAO index are effectively discussed
• Detailed definition
• Discussion of usefulness and value
Part 2: Usefulness and limitations of GHI are effectively discussed
• Detailed definition
• Discussion of usefulness and value
Part 3: Effective use of references in discussion of hunger indices
• Two other hunger indices described and defined as to how they are developed and used.
• References cited other than course book or “useful readings”
Part 4: Strong conclusion
• Wrap up of ideas, importance of indices
• Logical and coherent organization and ordering of ideas, information and arguments
• Cohesion, flow and unity throughout paper
• Ability to engage reader
• Academic, college-level tone and vocabulary


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Malnutrition in the World
Usefulness and Limitations of FAO index
Food security has raised concerns among academics, policy makers, and practitioners, who have implemented measures to curb food insecurities. The metrics ensure that food is available, accessible, stable, and ready for use. Also, the metrics draws data from individual, household, regional, and national levels (Carletto et al. 30-40). The tools vary from simple indicators whereby data is collected and analyzed to resource-intensive and detailed data. The measures depend on data from purported consequences and hypothesized determinants.
Cartello et al. (30-40) explains that the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) focuses on enhancing food security by implementing various measurement tools that help in providing numerous options. According to FAO, the measures developed in the country focus more on food availability. Food availability can be measured by tools such as “food balance sheet” that are retrieved from national food supply data. The balance sheets contain data on the quantity of food exported or imported in a country, the quantity of food used for seed, livestock, exportation, processed for other uses, and lost during transportation and storage. FAO uses the information to create the main food security measure. 

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