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What Is Life In The Medical Field, Compared To What People Think? (Essay Sample)


Redefinition paper: What is it like to be in the medical field, compared to what people think it is like.
Consider the connotation and denotation of a specific word or words that represent a theme or topic. How would people define this topic
Begin the essay with an explanation on why the reader should care about the redefinition. Thesis statement, create a concise sentence that redefines your term in a specific way.
Support new definition with examples.
Conclusion essay with a paragraph that reminds the reader of your main points and leaves them something to think about.


Life in the medical field
Many young high school graduates contemplate over the possibility of pursuing a career in medicine since medicine is one of the most common field many people pursue because the prestige it holds and the wide variety of existing jobs in this industry. With the emergence of modern technology, the medical field has been revolutionized. Researchers present a bleak future as they believe that the medical profession is approaching extinction, they predict that healthcare services will be outsourced, however, the latest statistics reveals that the medical field is headed for evolution, not extinction.
Medical procedures are being quickly replaced by machines and scientists predict that the landscape of medicine is evolving, moving from intuitive guesswork to a more automated process (Ford et al. 57). The belief that the medical profession is becoming extinct is a view held by those who see medicine as uniquely human. The fact remains that a machine cannot be equated to a doctor or other health professionals (Norman 28).
Ironically, modern healthcare providers are faced with a paradox, they want accuracy and specificity of the modern machine, yet they still want to believe that they can still do it all with their hands, eyes, and ears. That is why there is need to redefine the medical field of the 21st century. Much of what health care professionals used to do with their hands, eyes, and ears are being replaced by intelligent machines (Ford et al. 59).
For instance, when you walk in an emergency department with abdominal pain, you are likely to have a CT scan before the doctor can examine you. Traditional tools like the stethoscope, useful at the bedside during the physical examination are being slowly phased out. The medical field is changing faster and those in charge of training the current generation of health care professionals cannot keep up with the pace. No one ever foresaw that medical imaging would one day replace physical examination (Ford et al. 64).
Various modern devices like sensors, diagnostic and imaging devices are smart objects that have been integrated into the health care system to increase the quality of life and enrich the users' experiences. Advanced technology has revolutionized and helped in redesigning the modern hea

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