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Assignment For Health Geography Research A Plague Epidemic (Essay Sample)


Final assignment for Health Geography
Research a plague or epidemic.
a) Discuss the epidemic systematically from a health geography perspective. Examine the disease and epidemics potential as in terms of its spatial diffusion, spatial autocorrelation, vectors of transmission, and boundary effects. Discuss the this both as to how the epidemic spread during its time, and provide a modern perspective on how this epidemic would manifest today if it arose in the same region of the world.
b) Also provide a synopsis of the outbreak. Discuss it in terms of pathology, impact on public health, and historic repercussions of the epidemic. Use at least two academic papers (Google scholar) and cite all sources (paper's internet or otherwise)
The paper should be four pages single spaced with a normal font 12 twelve typeface (and regular margins and all that jazz). There should be one additional page (yes that's five pages total now) for the appendix.


Ebola Epidemic
The largest epidemic of Ebola virus disease (EVD) was experienced between December 2013 and April 2016 where it recorded more than 28,000 cases with more than 11,000 deaths in Guinea, Sierra Leone, and Liberia. Studying this epidemic in the West African countries has led to an understanding of the disease and generation of insights into its control. However, despite knowing the geographic distribution of this epidemic, the transmission or diffusion methods from animals and survivors over a wide area of West Africa is still unpredictable. Until this is established, any future outbreaks will have to be addressed the way this other outbreaks have been controlled. This includes, extensive surveillance, detection, contact tracing, isolation of the patients, proper and supportive clinical care, extensive efforts aimed at preventing and controlling the infection, safe burial and community involvement. Empirical studies that were conducted during the outbreaks have revealed that such epidemics can be prevented with a rapid response that will interrupt the transmission rate, but the big question is how health personnel and services are prepared for future outbreaks.
History and Geographic Distribution
There have been 23 Ebola outbreaks in West Africa since the 1970s. The 2013-2016 epidemic was the largest one to have been recorded in history where it is reported that the first human case involved a 2-year-old boy from Meliandou village in Gueckedou which is a forested area in southeastern Guinea (World Health Organization). An investigation carried on the death of the boy revealed that he fall sick on 26 December 2013 and died two days later. The cause of the infection is believed to be Zaire ebolavirus species whose origin is still unknown but scientists have said that it is likely to originate from an animal, possibly a bat.
Despite the first infection being from an animal, subsequent cases were as a result of human-to-human transmission. In all the outbreaks, the main transmission mode was direct personal contact with the blood or any body fluid from an infected person. By early March 2014, the infection had spread in

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