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Counselling and Psychological Services (Essay Sample)


Mental Health Resources
Read the Lack of Long-Term Counseling and visit C.A.P.S. Look up some of the resources that are available. Learn as MUCH about the resources at C.A.P.S. as possible and reflect on what you were able to find out and what you think is worth remembering.  Additionally, you can reflect on what you think the role of mental health is in the lives of college students. If you had a friend who was having a hard time, would you be likely to recommend C.A.P.S. to them as a resource? Why or why not?


Counselling and Psychological Services
Mental health at the college level is considered a crucial addition to the services that students can access. This is considering that, the college environment is one of the stressful and most of the students are prepared for this collision course in life. They are thrown into a life where they are exposed to complex education patterns and materials and before they can even get a grasp of their situation, there are demands from either side; their parents, lecturers, peers, future career goals and even relationship goals. All of this happens in a span of roughly two to six years. Having a reliable resources, where one can get counselling is invaluable (Wolf). This is considering that there is a very high rate of mental disorders among the college students and this is also reflected by the number of suicides and attempts at the college level. Counselling and Psychological Services (C.A.P.S.) is on the resources that are available to the students at the University of California in Santa Barbara (Counseling & Psychological Services).
One of the elements that stands out at C.A.P.S. is the fact that, they offer very flexible services to the students. Different students will have different challenges that they need to address. Other than their psychological ones for example, there is the issue of time and financial resources. Different students have different abilities and then there the psychological needs that they need attended (Wolf). With such a flexible app

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