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COVID 19 and the impact it has had/is having on an aspect of sexuality (Essay Sample)


Write a short essay (2-3 pages) about COVID 19 and the impact it has had/is having on an aspect of sexuality. For example, you may write about access to contraception or abortion during COVID 19, or what might happen to STI rates during a pandemic, or pregnancy rates? How are victims/survivors of domestic violence coping? Are there special concerns to the Trans Community or LGBTQ youth? The exam or paper will be due May 7th. This is an absolutely firm deadline.
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May 5, 2020
Impact of Covid19 on a Person’s aspect of Sexuality
As countless major cities go on lockdown and world leaders scramble to fight coronavirus and look for a cure, records of a new, unforeseen problem have also taken a turn for the worse. Refuge, a UK domestic abuse charity, has "reported a 700% increase in inbound calls to its helpline since the start of the COVID-19 lockdown" (Townsend). This can largely be attributed to people's restriction of movement due to the ongoing lockdown. As people are forced to stay home 24/7, violence at home has become more severe and more dangerous. This is not new, as studies have shown that cases of domestic violence often show a drastic increase during holiday breaks when families often come together.

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