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Answers 5,6,7 and 8. Health, Medicine, Nursing Essay (Essay Sample)


### I monitored my diet for 3 days and recorded the food and got this 3-day average report which shows my calorie, nutrition intake and compares with the recommended , DRI, for my body and nutrition needs. Please familiarize yourself with the report and its sections so you know where everything is BECAUSE YOU WILL USE THIS 3-DAY REPORT TO ASNWER THE QUESTIONS 5-8. it has different tables to show you breakdown of fats, nutrients, calories, empty calories etc. and it also had the food items listed that I ate for 3 days. You will notice I ate less than warts recommended because I am trying to lose weight. you dont have to repeat my weight loss in every line etc unless needed or asked why I consumed less. and write general health benefits of any vitamin or nutrient that I ate or didn't eat or for less calories. USE THIS 3-DAY AVERAGE REPORT TO ASNWER THE QUESTION 5-8. ALSO, SEE MY ATTACHED ANSWERS 1-4 TO HELP YOU GUIDE IN ANSWERING REST OF THE QUESTIONs 5-8.
**This is a small part of a bigger essay but since I don't have time I just need your help in answering these 4 questions. No certain format or resources are needed other than the 3-day report I am attaching and the 4 questions you need to answer. Also I will attach first 4 answers (out of the total 8 questions) which I answered so you know how to answer these last 4 answers (answers 5-8).
**Times new roman, font size 12, paragraph format for answers and one full page per questions. so 4 answers will have 4 full pages in total. each answer will be on separate page with the answer number.
**USE 1 PAGE PER QUESTION. so each page should be used to answer one question in detail and no need for title or reference page at the end and no need to repeat the question on the pages either. Just put the question number for identification and then answer it. Each question has small questions and sections under it to help you answer the question fully and properly.
**I am attaching some other questions and answers from the same project which I worked on so that you can see how to proceed and you will have all the information from my previous answers as well to help you answer these next questions. You will also see in my previous answers why I ate less calories etc so you will know the backstory which will make it easy for you to answer next questions.
*****I won't be able to extend the deadline as I have to submit it as soon as you complete this order so please finish on time and ask any questions you have so you can do it accurately without wasting time*****


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Question 5
Vitamins play a vital role in human growth, reproduction, maintenance, development, and wellbeing. Vitamins are grouped into fat-soluble and water-soluble. They include vitamin B1,B2,B3,B5,B6,B9,B12,A,K,E,D and C. Dietary sources of vitamins include animal and plant products. Deficiency of vitamin poses significant health threats, including anemia, impaired cognitive function, and severe cases, leading to death due to infectious diseases (Arlappa, 540).
The intake of dietary food rich in vitamin A is essential for normal human vision, reproduction, and fostering of the immune system. Vitamin A assists critical human organs, including heart, kidneys, and lungs, to function effectively. My intake of vitamin A (IU) is higher 4,016.101 IU than the recommended dietary intake of 2333.00 IU. This can be explained by the regular intake of meat, eggs, and fruits rich in vitamin A. Foods such as cod liver oil and dairy products such as skimmed milk can be better sources of vitamin A.

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