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African Hunger. Health, Medicine and Nursing Essay. (Essay Sample)


In an AFRICAN newspaper, find one article relevant to the course material. You can search for African newspapers online at the following sites:
https://www(dot)w3newspapers(dot)com/africa/ https://www(dot)thebigproject(dot)co(dot)uk/news/african%20newspapers%20in%20english.html.
You can also conduct your own search. Note that you must use an AFRICAN newspaper. You may not use an article about Africa in a non-African paper (such as the NY Times). If you cannot easily figure out whether the newspaper is published in Africa, it is probably not a reputable news source to begin with. The article must have appeared since 2017. You can select any African country.
In this assignment, building on the course material, you are asked to evaluate the severity of hunger and malnutrition in an African context, to appraise how such issues are covered by the African media and to think about the causes and possible remedies to hunger issues in Africa.
Your assignment must do the following:
• Do a proper selection of the article,
• Summarize the issue(s) in the article,
• Use the article to evaluate and document the severity of hunger and malnutrition in an African context,
• Show how the article relates to the course material,
• Evaluate the underlying causes of malnutrition identified in the article,
• Discuss the implications for socio-economic changes and policy interventions.
Submit your assignment in 11 or 12-point font, typed report (it can be single spaced). The report must be a minimum of two-page long and a maximum of three-page long, excluding references, figures and tables.
At the top of the page put the country your newspaper is from and your name, student ID number, and TA’s name. Below that, put the full citation for the article including: Headline, newspaper name, place of publication, date.
The emphasis of this assignment is to demonstrate original thinking and critical analysis of the issues presented in this course. Consult the rubric posted with this assignment to see how your work will be graded.


Student’s Name
African Hunger
Hunger in Africa remains a very big challenge even today. The most affected in this case are children who suffer malnutrition and stunted growth because of going hungry for a long time. In the Kenyan newspaper Daily Nation, Graca Machel investigates this hunger problem in most African countries, its causes, possible solutions and implications for policy interventions. Generally, hunger is identified as an acute problem for the African children. This hunger is associated with most child deaths and stunted growth. The main causes of malnutrition are identified as poverty, gender inequality, conflicts, droughts, tropical storms, and floods. The article calls for the need for intervention measures due to the devastating effects of hunger.

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