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Thesis Based on Insperations: Wellness and Design (Essay Sample)


I started my work if you could search where work cited is needed and complete the references and citations in MLA format. As well as correcting my grammar. I need a total of 1500 words meaning I roughly needed 250 more. I made it such that the order says that I need 2 pages roughly 550 words so that you could take care of the grammar and work cited part. Especially in this part of the attached word document "Contribution to the Profession: (need to cite studies examined", use the following PDFs attached as sources for adding in the extra words to complete the number of words required.:
The inspirations are three:
Tree Ring
Finger Print
Climate Ribbon
Finaly Project is about a rehab center.


Wellness and Design
Addictions of various kinds, such as drug, alcohol, and behavioral practices are presenting significant challenges to the society. As such, an evaluation of the effectiveness in changing human behavior through architecture and interior design can play a big role to enhance the quality of our lives and cooperate the designs to solving these problems (Academic Impressions). Inspired by the interplay of nature as represented by the human fingerprint imagery, nurture as represented by the concentric ring patterns on a tree section, and context as symbolized by the organic patterns of the climate ribbon; this patient centered rehabilitation center will help patients understand their current identity, reconcile with their past, and prepare them for challenges in their future life (Cornell University,).There are an estimated 2.1 million people, in the United States, suffering from use disorders related to prescription opioid pain relivers and a further 467,000 addicted to heroin ("About Drugs And Addiction | Persons Who Use Drugs (PWUD) | CDC").
According to the CDC, 6 out of 10, overdoses are related to opioid consumption. In 2014, an estimated 47,055 people died from drug overdoses ("About Drugs And Addiction | Persons Who Use Drugs (PWUD) | CDC"). This contrasts with the 32,675, people killed on our roads, and the 14,249 murders committed in that same year. There is a significant shift in the number of fatalities that are related to accidents than there are, related to social challenges such drugs ("About Drugs And Addiction | Persons Who Use Drugs (PWUD) | CDC"). A 2011 Drug Abuse Warning Network report, indicated that every day 1,000 people are treated in emergency rooms for prescription opiate overdoses ("About Drugs And Addiction | Persons Who Use Drugs (PWUD) | CDC"). This information serves as contextual background for the proposed Rehabilitation center (Silvis, Jennifer). There is need to establish a structured recovery process that can also be sustainable in the society (Atkinson, David). This will address the issues regarding the addiction at the root other than simply treating the effects of the same such as impacts of drugs on the body which is a common approach. This is an approach that has also lead to a soar in the problem, where more people are getting hooked onto drugs. The availability in terms of pricing and access has also contributed to the problem among others. However, there is a sustainable way of reducing the addiction problems in the society and it associated with architecture an area that has been over looked for some time.
The CDC chart below shows an upward Overdose Death trend in the last 15-year period between the year 2000 and 2015. Addiction and its consequence are clearly a serious problem in the society. In the period 2014 to 2015, Florida experienced a 22.7% increase in deaths which is a statistically significant increase.
Center project.
In the October 21st 2015 Obama White House Fact Sheet Press Release, featured an announcement stating that drug overdose deaths had exceeded motor vehicle accident deaths.
Figure 1. Number of Injury Deaths by Drug Poisoning, Suicide, Homicide, Firearms, and Motor
Vehicle Crashes in the United States, 1999-2014,b[The suicide and homicide data includes deaths by drug poisoning or firearms. b Not all drug poisoning deaths specify the drug(s) involved, and a death may involve more than one specific substance]

Source: Centers for Disease Control Prevention

Looking at the three inspirations, the fingerprint image suggested individuality and uniqueness. The article Fe-Fi-Fo Thumb, on the other hand, proved mathematically that no two fingerprints are alike (Fe-Fi-Fo-Thumb). In applying this imagery to the patient centered Wellness Center...
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