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The Role of the Youth on Teaching Social Media to the Elderly (Essay Sample)


Young people can teach elders about social medias, the point is the young peoples doesn't have to be teaching social media. Fist intro has to have background information and thesis statement. Second paragraph to fourth paragraph is directly talking about why can the young peoples. Every main body has to have two supports with two sources. The fifth paragraph is about negative sides, using negative sides to proof mine own thesis. As the same, fifth paragraph also need two support. The conclusion has to need to restate thesis, need to have Summary of Main Points, then recall the action


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The Role of the Youth on Teaching Social Media to the Elderly
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August 18, 2018
Youth’s Responsibility of Teaching Social Media
It is no doubt that social media has been prevalent in almost any aspect of our lives these days. Most people, regardless of age, gender, and background has continuously used this technology to communicate, collaborate, and share ideas with almost anyone all over the world. Most of the social media platforms these days enables everyone with a decent internet connection and a device (to which they could be accessed) to do almost anything with a flick of a finger. In line with this, this study would discuss why the young can teach social media to the elderly. Specifically, this article would also discuss how the youth can teach social media to those who are older than them. This includes how they should do it and the aspects of social media that they should be teaching. While there are plenty of arguments about why the young should and should not be teaching social media, it is also evident that they still has a huge role in the perpetration of social media both as users and educator. Nevertheless, some counterarguments about the same idea would also be discussed in the succeeding chapters of this article. All in all, the author of this paper believes that because of their inclination towards social media platforms, the youth must teach the elderly how to use it in such a way that would benefit their well-being.

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