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The Theologico- Political Problem (Essay Sample)

Please define the concept and explain its significance to the idea of human rights source..
Name Lecturer Course Date The Theologico- Political Problem The theologico-political problem can be defined as the problem which the church did set the political world due to its existence. There were three different forms of political constitution Europe namely: empire, city state and monarch. The empire was headed by an emperor who ruled over the land. The city state was a situation where men met and made deliberation about their social and political life. The monarch happened to constitute the features of the affore mentioned two settings. Now, far away from the three, there was church which not a political institution was. The church was made of believers hence they could come from any institution mentioned above. The church had a say in all the three institutions hence kind of universal. That was due to the fact that church was there in order to protect the saved from being compromised by the secular world. The aspect of the church also having its own constraints on believers caused a stir in all the institutions hence posing quite a number of problems in such society. That traces the origin of the problem which encompasses the key to development of European development in order to overcome the problem hence the theologico-political problem. The relevance of it to human right can be demonstrated with the development that was unequal to during the time that Europe was undergoing the political dynamism. One fact is categorically clear in this case, the fact that church was overall ruler in all the three institutions. The secular world required a distinctive system that is going to determine or otherwise rule them without church interference. Due that, the pope ceded with the loyal church part hence the secular was on its own. The secular had to be organized hence the emergence of monarchy, city states and emperor. The city states happened to be weak with no say as the collection of magistrates governed but they were always dependent. The monarch being a blend of the city state and monarch always survived a better chance of surviving (Ted 50-223). During the development of Europe, one can find that the secular world survived narrowly without church interference. Human rights are basic and each and every person has to make sure that the rights of the other party are not violated. The secular world was not subject to the church interference as they were not among the saved. Although there was a setting that the king operated without church interference, the king on the other had a religious role after all. The secular also are to exist even if they do not confirm by what the church perceives as the right and be...
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