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Describe Similarities And Differences Between Two School


In addition to the visual, you will write a brief 2-3 page (double spaced) paper, which is due the same day as your presentation. In your paper, you will address the following prompt:
How do the similarities and differences between your schools inform your understanding of what works and does not work in K-12 education? Use at least 3 sources from any course readings to support your explanations.
One school is Arcadia High School in Arcadia
the other school is Palo Alto High School in Palo Alto
Use the reading that i upload as a sources to support your explantions

The K-12 Education System
In the K-12 education system, majority of the public schools are overfunded by the government, who also play a significant role in establishing policies that run the schools. The relative lack of competition between the various schools in the K-12 system is to blame for the missing determination to deliver quality and also cut on costs (Baker, Barton and Darling-Hammond 4). The system also deprives parents of their role in controlling the quality of the education provided, thus leaving all the functions to the government, school personnel, and administrators. Other than funding provided by the government, they also play a significant role in determining how student performance is assessed, the people empowered to make decisions and the overall school management (Corsi-Bunker 3). A comparison between the two schools, Arcadia High School in Arcadia and Palo Alto High School in Palo Alto helps in determining the strengths and weaknesses in the adoption of the K-12 education system.
Arcadia High School
Arcadia High School is a comprehensive school situated on a 40-acre site in Arcadia, California, United States. The school is an associate of the Arcadia Unified School District. The high school was started in 1952 with a four-year curriculum. It is located at 180 Campus Dr, Arcadia, CA 91007, with a current student population of 3490 students (Arcadia High School). The school's website is T...
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