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Reading Reaction Education Essay Research Coursework (Essay Sample)


Assigned Reading: The Skillful Teacher, Chapters 1-4, pages 1-40
Answer the 5 questions separately.
1.Identify two Essential Beliefs that challenge your thoughts about education and explain why.
2.Why is the Skillful Teacher Framework organized into four functions?
3.Explain why high functioning (or high performing) teams are critical in the education profession, and what impact is made upon school culture if educators are not part of high functioning teams.
4.Examine the Ten Jobs of Teaching and describe three elements of successful teaching and learning that are new to you as part of an educator’s repertoire.
5.Explain the importance of a common language and concept system in education and describe how they impact the education profession.
Each response should be between 250- 300 words.
The reading response should be clearly defined. Central ideas from the readings should be evident to support the response. The response indicates an understanding of the critical concepts from the reading.


Student’s Name
Professor’s Name
Reading Reaction
Identify two beliefs that challenge my thoughts on education and explain why.
Many beliefs are associated with the teaching profession. In essence, the role of teachers in shaping a student’s career, confidence, and knowledge cannot be overstated. However, I believe some of the essential beliefs are perhaps challenging.
For example, the belief that teaching is an intellectually complex phenomenon that is both difficult and demanding (Saphier 21). Undoubtedly, any other profession is hard, however, the degree of complexity and sophistication varies. A successful teacher need not to match the intellectual rigor of an architect, engineer, or lawyer. Such professions demand many years of academic work, apprenticeship, then actual work. That is why they are highly technical professions. On the contrary, a successful teacher only needs to master the basics. How to handle students, what to tell them, and how to socialize them in a learning environment. Yes, it demands intellectual competence, however, it must not be as complex as engineering or architecture.
The other belief is that learning is constructed when learners integrate new experience with prior knowledge is also debatable (Saphier 23). In truth, learning is a continuous process and we can always learn whenever we want. However, it is not necessarily true that learning is only achieved when individuals assimilate prior knowledge with a new experience. Learning can also happen out of nowhere. An individual may be totally ignorant about a new concept but when they encounter a new opportunity, they can learn a new experience without necessarily having prior knowledge. Besides, people are ignorant in one way or another because nobody has a monopoly of knowledge. As such, it is possible to learn something new without having prior knowledge about it.

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