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Marijuana Legalization (Essay Sample)


I have attached a paper that i already started to work on about Marijuana legalization. Could you just continue the paper? And take some things that people claim is wrong about marijuana and prove them wrong(if possible). IT MUST BE A RESEARCH PAPER!!!

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Legalization of Marijuana
In the United States, marijuana is legal in only 2 states for recreational use (Taylor 2). These two states are Washington, and Colorado. Every other state declares marijuana to be illegal, except for 20 states where it is permitted for Medical use. Marijuana should become legal for recreational use in every state in America. This drug is not harmful to human body, and I tend to disagree with the reasons justifying illegalization in other states. Marijuana should be legal; it is not as harmful to the human body as cigarettes, hookah, or alcohol. Although it is still illegal, cigarettes, hookah, and alcohol are not.
Historical Background of Marijuana
A reason as to why marijuana should be legal in the United States is that it already exists as a Multi-Millionaire Industry illegally and legally. If it were to be made fully legal, it would benefit the United States economy tremendously, and it would be more beneficial than it would be harmful (Webley 22). There are already many marijuana dispensaries in the 22 states where marijuana is sold for medical use, in exception for the 2 states, which allow it for recreational use. If there were to be dispensaries in all 52 states of the United States, the economy would benefit from it enormously, and criminal activity would decrease, as dealers would not have to sell it illegally.
Some of the reasons as to why marijuana is illegal in the United States are stated below. Marijuana is addictive, has no accepted medical use and is historically linked to narcotics such as heroin. In addition, marijuana is associated with unfashionable lifestyles and the people who try to legalize marijuana do not have compelling cases. Firstly, marijuana is thought to be addictive, whereby it is a Schedule 1 Drug and ‘has an increased potential for abuse'. Addiction is one of the pertinent reasons as to why the drug is still illegal. Nonethel...
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