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Invitation to Join National Society of Collegiate Scholars (Essay Sample)


A friend has received an NSCS invitation but is unsure if s/he should join. What would you tell your friend about why they should join NSCS? How would you demonstrate/explain "Why NSCS Rocks!"? (450-600 words)

Invitation to Join National Society of Collegiate Scholars
The National Society of Collegiate Scholars (NSCS) is an organization that recognizes academic achievement and provides opportunities for members to develop various skills and knowledge in the diverse fields grouped into chapter plans. For instance, the NSCS has organized activities that include networking events, community service projects, and social gatherings. Unlike other organizations, the NSCS does not offer minimum involvement requirement or time commitment for NSCS membership. Therefore, getting an invitation to join NSCS implies that you have obtained an opportunity to be among the few selected individuals given a chance to access knowledge, advance skills and get a chance to apply for scholarships issued by the NSCS.
Accepting the invitation and joining the NSCS is a great achievement for both the student and the organization; hence, it deserves a celebration. NSCS has an induction ceremony to welcome new members to the society. An induction ceremony is a public event that recognizes the new members who have joined the group. You will have a chance to get an NSCS pin, meet your chapter officers, and get to know the many possibilities that exist in your chapter. The best thing with the induction ceremony, you are not forced to attend. Again, if you like going to functions with your family members and friends, you are allowed to come along with them in the induction ceremony provided you confirm the details on the dress code and other requirements that may be unique to your chapter (The National Society of Col...
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