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Importance of Following a Direct Order (Essay Sample)


The topic revolves around taking orders in the US Military.


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Importance of Following a Direct Order.
Following orders is one of the essential requirements in numerous institutions, especially in the military. According to the military and many other facilities, a direct order is a command given by a superior member or leader of the group or groups to the other members with a supposition that they will follow it with utmost obedience without rejecting it. For military institutions such as the US Military, a direct order is arguably important and when one is given a direct order, it is pertinent that they adhere it as they not only affect the group but its consideration means that the superior knows how critical the aspect is.
Firstly, a direct order instills discipline in an individual. The head of a group gives a direct order to ensure that they all agree with the information and information sharing throughout the whole unit (Wolfendale 131) Therefore, when one is given a direct order and they sincerely and immediately obey it, it means that the person has discipline. This implies that it is the role of direct orders to create and maintain discipline. For example, in the case of the US Military, discipline is the main indicator of efficiency and effectiveness, success and safety of soldiers, thereupon when a superior gives a direct order, the most appropriate and disciplined thing to do is to follow them. Furthermore, Wolfendale states that following a direct order shows that the group has a true spirit of teamwork and leadership (134). This is because, for instance, when the whole unit has decided to follow the order given but one of them decides not to, it means that the possibility of failure in the mission is relatively high and that implies that the whole team has failed in service delivery.
Secondly, following a direct order builds the virtue of leadership. Leadership means that one gives a command and they receive mutual and genuine respect in exchange. Cohen says that or one to become a leader, they will have to go through a long evolution which entails those following direct orders from those above them (168). A true leader is identified as an individual who follows direct orders, quickly, closely and in commitment. The opposite of this notion is open in that if a person does have the heart of following direct orders, they will fail in their development in to leaders and in their virtue and character improvement, hence failing to become a leader.
Thirdly, following a direct order is important because it determines how well trained the soldiers are and helps the superior understand the nature of each members of the team. For example, when an order is given, some soldiers will react fast and obey the order whereas other will fidget

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