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An Experiential Study of Emerging Trends of Racial Inequality in Employment in Canada (Essay Sample)

Writer who takes this order must do #00022915 as well. Please provide a one (1) page sketch of the topic in three days Then a Preliminary Outline and Bibliography (2 pages) Then an Annotated Bibliography Then a Methodology for the Research Then a Draft of the Introduction Then Final Draft of the paper This Research Essay with the different parts must be done by the same writer. Altogether this is a 10-12 page Research Essay. Some sources will be uploaded, other sources can also be used This essay is CANADIAN This order is from CANADA!!! so most of the content has to be Canadian source..

An Experiential Study of Emerging Trends of Racial Inequality in Employment in Canada
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An Experiential Study of Emerging Trends of Racial Inequality in Employment in Canada
This paper presents a close analysis of the nature of racial prejudice in employment in Canada. The employment sector is my areas of interest. I am motivated to research and write on this topic to help augment into the body of research more concrete evidence of the extent of racial prejudice in the labor force for purposes of documenting a policy framework that checks the same. The paper intents to investigate and respond substantively to the questions: Is racial inequality in employment in Canada an issue of political error? What factors ushered in racial inequalities within the unemployment sector in Canada? To evaluate these questions, the paper will start off by analyzing demographical changes as well as politics of multiculturalism and how unequally opportunities play out. At the onset, the paper will present a short overview of theoretical standpoints on racial inequalities evident in the employment sector across Canada. In this section, the paper will present tangible evidence available that indicates how the Canadian labor market offers meager fiscal returns to visible minorities. It will also discuss how the market discriminates against women of color. This will be pegged on statistical Census from successive years to substantiate how minority rights are subverted for economic gains. The paper will also bring in earnings by various minority groups from different backgrounds, such as, the Chinese, Vietnamese, Asians, Blacks and Latin Americans. In the subsequent section, we momentarily evaluate some of the previous studies that statistically evaluated various facets of racial inequality in this perspective. The paper will go ahead to present a quantitative analysis of racial inequality with more detailed assessment and review of selected legal cases of racial prejudice in employment across Canada. The paper will then wrap-up the argument with a conclusion and equally presents some policy proposals that will champion the need to assure minority groups their human rights and dignified pay check..
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