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Synthesis response essay on for-profit colleges (Essay Sample)

I need a synthesis response essay on "for-profit colleges", like the University of Phoenix. It needs to use at least three articles. I found one good one here http://www(dot)nytimes(dot)com/2007/02/11/education/11phoenix.html?pagewanted=1&_r=1 Here is the outline of what it needs to include. Part one:In the synthesis/response essay you'll inquire into a range of arguments on a central issue while establishing your own position in relation to that of three other authors' positions on the issue. You'll begin by introducing the topic and issue, paraphrase the basic positions of each author on the issue, and then move to examining the basic positions of each author on the issue, and then move to examining the basic points of disagreement among the positions. Synthesis is primarily objective -- no opinion. You reflect, as accurately as you can, how each author approaches the common topic you've chosen. Part two: You'll conclude with a statement of your own tentative position on the issue and an explanation of why you think your position is the best. You may support one of the arguments you have analyzed, modify one of those arguments, or offer a different argument of your own. You may respond to one author's argument or all of the authors in general, using personal experience and/or outside sources which present another argument. The important thing to remember is that your response should be reasoned, developed, logical, coherent, and clear in terms of what it is exactly that you're responding to. source..
Synthesis Response Essay on For-Profit Colleges
It is clear that the twenty-first century economy requires workers to seek more education to be competitive in the global marketplace. However, most workers without a college diploma don’t have the time or money to pursue a higher education at a traditional college. For-profit colleges are attempting to fill this niche by offering online classes and accelerated degree programs that appeal to the working adult. There are various basic positions that have been taken on the issue of for-profit colleges and universities. However, many people would ask, ‘are these for-profit colleges adequately preparing their students to succeed in the global marketplace? This paper seeks to explore the arguments cited by different education stakeholders on the issue of for-profit colleges.
The establishment of for-profit colleges is on the increase. Many people have commented on this trend in the various parts of the world, especially in the USA. For-profit colleges are said to offer low quality education in U.S, and they are characterized by exceedingly low graduation rates (Dillon, 2007). The Phoenix University, one of the major for-profit academic institutions in the U.S, has an average of 16 percent graduation rate, which is lower than the federal recommendable rate of 55 percent (Dillon, 2007). Most of the former students in this university have cited this rate to be shaming for such a large for-profit institution. According to Dillon, the low quality of education in the for-profit colleges has resulted from the use of majority part-time lecturers and congested course work strategies (Dillon, 2007). Most of the online students in for-profit colleges suffer from poor instructional methods.
For-profit colleges are serving as role models for the public colleges and universities. These academic institutions, according to the Department of Education (DOE) in the USA, are committed to establish new educational models which are reliable to the learning environment (Scott-Clayton, 2011). In addition, a significant percentage of the for-profit colleges offer adequate help to the students in obtaining federal financial aids. Accordin...
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