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Curriculum reform (Essay Sample)

This is a Critical and Analytical Essay. The ONLY source to be used is:1.The Canadian Perspectives on the Sociology of Education AND 2.Education and The Politics of Difference: Canadian Perspectives-Ratna Ghosh and Ali A. Abdi source..
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Curriculum reform
Education is the only way that can only make people to be equal in all phenomena of life. However, education curriculum in schools does not have this content and therefore has to be modified in order to deal with the issue of multicultural education and social justice. In this paper I will discuss how curriculum reform can address the main requirements for a critical multicultural education and social justice.
To begin with, it is good to have a curriculum that is all inclusive. When we have a curriculum that discriminates individuals on the different social backgrounds, then the curriculum will be futile. “The inclusion of other world views in the curriculum it is necessary to change the negative self image of the other, to shape an identity that is not distorted by exclusion,” (Ghosh, 2013). In addition, the curriculum has to recognize the fact that there are different cultures in the society but all can live together as “education is the understanding of the unity and mutual interrelationship of all experiences and phenomena,” (Ghosh, 2013)
Secondly, it is good to understand that education is a moral endeavor that involves the development of an internal sense of self. Therefore, any education curriculum should try to address the issue if an individual understanding his own importance in any form of development by being morally upright. When an individual is morally upright then he will be able to view other people in a more humane way without seeing the other as different from him. “The concept of justice involves education in moral values whereas fairness and equality involves democratic values,” (Ghosh, 2013)
It is in a class where people from different backgrounds meet and guided by one curriculum which should not be discriminating. Therefore, the curriculum should be accommodating and try to use the different cultures diversity as an asset of learning by understanding the different views from everyone and use them to make a new learning horizon with relation to each other. Multiculturalism is therefore, embracing this gift of difference by creating new spaces, creating a ‘we’ that brings together people across borders. “Anglophone Canadians are all different from one another, as are all Francophone Canadians as are the members of the same family.” (Ghosh, 2013)
It is also good to realize that educational is dialogical which emerges out of a dialectical interactions and interdependence and therefore differences in culture should not be taken for exploitation. “We become fully human when we are capable of expression through language, art, caring and culture….The capacity to express is a mean to power and language is an example of hoe power has been entrenched,” (Ghosh, 2013). Therefore, for there to be fairness in the society the curriculum should be addressing the issue of interdependence and discourage the concept of ind...
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