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Comparison of two Essays: Poverty Written by Melisa Pedraza (Essay Sample)


Compare/contrast your essay post with the essay post of another student. How are your essays similar and how are they different?
Melisa Pedraza posted Nov 17, 2016 5:26 PM Subscribe
A problem that we have in our world today is Poverty. There are several types of poverty but the two most common ones are absolute and relative. Absolute poverty which is when someone cannot afford the basic necessities such as food, water, and housing. In which they are also exposed to several types of diseases. Then there is relative poverty which is when someone does not make the minimum amount of income to meet society standard of living. There have been a lot of countries affected by poverty such as some parts of Sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America and some parts of South Asia. According to a source I found, Ebbitt states that “roughly 130 million people are still subsisting on less than the equivalent of $4 USD a day (Kathleen Ebbitt )”Which is not a lot to survive on. Many of them include countries in Central America such as Honduras, Nicaragua and Guatemala. Also According to Ebbitt, “half of the population in Guatemala and more than 40 percent of people in Honduras are chronically impoverished (Kathleen Ebbitt).” In sub-Saharan Africa in recent statistics there is about roughly 45 percent that still live by $1.20 on a daily basis. Most of these countries are living in absolute poverty. Many of them cannot overcome them because it lines into chronic poverty because there is no way out.
Poverty has been around for many years now if we look back in our textbook in chapter 28 on page 816 it talks about the Great Depression of 1926-1933 where many people where left in poverty. There was also many who were left in poverty after World War 2. We can take the Industrial Revolution as another example. In chapter 23 Page 671 it talks about the working class. The ones who lived in poverty the most were the children like it mentions in our textbook on page 672 “Some as young as 7 years old- who either worked in factories alongside their parents as family units or have been orphaned or turned over to local parishes by the parents who could no longer provide for their care (Sivers 672)” this can be taken that most of the children lived in poverty because instead of going to school they were working instead. Many children could not attend school because they were the ones proving for their family. Throughout time they started to improve standard living and provided a slight increase to working class wages. They were given more working opportunities.
When writing this essay it has taught me the value of history. I know in the beginning of this course I mentioned that I never really liked history but while doing this essay it has helped me see the value of studying history and how important it is to understand it. I was able to relate the different types of events that occurred in the past and make a connection to how it relates to our present day. So we must first have to understand our past to better understand our present day. Every event in our past has a connection to what is going on today.
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Comparison of Two Essays
Course Title:
Comparison of Two Essays
After reading the article on poverty written by Melisa Pedraza and posted on Nov 17, 2016 5:26 PM, it is quite evident that the article has a lot of similarities with my article on discrimination and slavery. The two articles provide an in-depth historical analysis of some of the major issues that have been affecting the society over the years. Melisa's article discusses two major types of poverty and goes ahead to mention examples of countries in the world that are currently affected by the different types of poverty. Similarly, my article also discusses the ...
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